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  • Common types of Bonds and Guarantees

    If you’re unsure which Bond or Guarantee you or your buyer might need, we’ve identified common types and provided simple explanations.

    Tender Guarantee (Bid Bond)

    Compensates the buyer/beneficiary if tender is withdrawn or the supplier declines to sign contract. The typical value of the Guarantee against the overall contract value is 2-5%.

    Advance Payment Guarantee

    Provides comfort to the buyer/beneficiary of repayment of advances if the supplier fails to perform in line with the agreed contract. Typically 10-40% of contract value.

    Standby Letters of Credit

    Effectively performs the same function as Guarantees – normally a ‘back-up’ Guarantee of payment if buyer doesn’t pay for goods.

    HMRC Guarantees

    Can defer payment of customs and excise duties. 

    Performance Guarantee

    A Guarantee against failure to perform an agreed contract. Typically 10-20% of contract value.

    Retention Guarantee

    Where it has been agreed that the buyer/beneficiary retains a portion of the payment for a certain period, the exporter will request its bank to issue a retention bond in favour of the buyer as security. This type of Guarantee protects the buyer from non-fulfilment of the contract terms. Typically 5-10% of contract value.

    Warranty Bonds

    Provide security to the buyer/beneficiary that the goods or services supplied will perform as per the contract under the specified warranty terms. If they do not, the Guarantee can be called on by the beneficiary. 

  • UK Export Finance (UKEF) Short Term Schemes

    Flexible government backed support is available for UK based exporters. We have provided some details of these initiatives, please get in touch for any questions you may have about eligibility. 

    UKEF Bond Support Scheme

    • Strengthen your ability to bid for new contracts with a bond Guaranteed by the UK government.
    • UKEF can typically Guarantee up to 80% of the Guarantee.
    • A UKEF-backed facility can be used in addition to your existing bank facility. 

    UKEF General Export Facility

    • Supports your export business to free up working capital
    • Helps to fulfil multiple export contracts, ease cash flow constraints and to scale up your export business.

What is a Guarantee?

Guarantees protect buyers of goods or services by agreeing an amount of compensation from the bank if the international or domestic seller fails to deliver on the contract.

Where your customers are less familiar, winning new contracts can be difficult without assurance you will perform as contracted.

We can help by providing a Guarantee to support your ability to perform under a contract, whether that be internationally or domestically.

The benefits of using a Guarantee

  • Bid for overseas or local business you might not have considered
  • Your buyers release cash earlier, supporting your cash flow needs
  • Protect your business against loss due to certain types of event, or in certain market conditions
  • You may be able to negotiate better terms and conditions by offering a Guarantee.

When might you need a Guarantee?

  • You may be asked to provide a Performance Guarantee which commits the bank to make payment to the beneficiary if you fail to perform your agreed obligations.
  • You may be asked to provide a Financial Guarantee which commits the bank to make payment to the beneficiary if you fail to meet your financial obligations under a contract.

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