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It is clear from COP26 we all need to act now to achieve our climate goals. 

We’ve gathered practical guidance from experts and customers to help businesses of all sizes understand the path ahead as they seek to engage and prosper in a zero-carbon future.

Season 2. Episode 1: Take Action Now. Practical First Steps For SMEs

Head of climate strategy

Nina Skubala, Head of Climate Strategy, British Chambers of Commerce Climate Challenge Group explains what net zero is and how SMEs can progress their journey to net zero. With Nina’s practical tips and resources available, this one is a must-watch for SMEs.

Season 2. Episode 2: Creating A Sustainable Business Model For SMEs

Managing director of Tamar Nurseries

Johan Huibers, Managing Director of Tamar Nurseries, an SME with sustainability at the heart of their business model. Johan shares his passion for going green, along with invaluable learnings for other SMEs.

Season 2. Episode 3: The Future of Sustainable Investments

Head of Sustainability

Kate Rogers, Head of Sustainability, Cazenove Capital – an investment services business - is passionate about people wanting to invest in companies that create a better and more sustainable future. She highlights a critical new phase when making investment decisions, concerns over ‘greenwashing’ and much more.

Season 2. Episode 4: Sustainability from Farm to Fork

Owner of Yeo Valley

A fascinating insight from Tim Mead, Owner of Yeo Valley, who encourages all businesses, whatever shape or size, to challenge common assumptions in their journey to net zero because they aren’t always correct.

Season 2. Episode 5: A Sustainable Pathway For Success For SMEs

Director of McKernan Homes

Peter McKernan, Director of McKernan Homes believes net zero will not hold his business back, if anything it will propel them forward. This is encouraging for those 60% of SMEs that have told us they don’t yet have meaningful sustainability goals or plans.

Season 2. Episode 6: Private Finance’s Fight Against Climate Change

Founding Director of Zenobē

Nicholas Beatty, Founder Director of Zenobē is on a mission to disrupt and decarbonise the UK’s transport sector with innovative technologies to support a greener future. Since filming, total funds raised by Zenobē have jumped to £446m through private finance initiatives.

This content was paid for and produced by Lloyds Bank in partnership with the Commercial Department of the Financial Times.

Season 2. Episode 7: The Business Benefits of Smart Sustainable Solutions

Gerry Stephens, Finance Director of Mackie’s of Scotland

Gerry Stephens, Finance Director of Mackie’s of Scotland invests in net zero technology and is forecast to save 70% on the company’s energy costs. He urges his fellow SMEs who are on their sustainability journey to take the first step no matter how small, speak to others and speak to your banking provider.

Sustainability Voices: Road to Net Zero - Season 1

The video series where experts and customers explain how businesses can achieve positive transformational change on their journey to net zero.

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Sustainability Hub

Supporting UK businesses transition to low-carbon, sustainable business models and operations to pursue new clean growth opportunities.

Sustainable business

Energy-Efficiency Tool

A digital tool that can help you identify energy-efficient investments in your buildings.

Green Buildings Tool

From Now to Net Zero: A Practical Guide for SMEs

Small and medium-sized businesses play a vital role in sustainability and the journey to net zero. Our research report outlines a five-step plan for SMEs to get on that journey.

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