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If you own a doctors, opticians, veterinary or dental practice, or some other form of healthcare business, then having surgery insurance tailored to meet your own unique business needs is vital for you, your customers and your business.

Whatever your surgery is used for, its main purpose is the same – to provide a valuable service to people or animals. You’ll need somewhere for patients and their companions to sit and wait to be seen, and then attend an appointment. The tools of your trade are you, your staff, your building and its contents, so it’s vital you protect them.

Surgery insurance could give you the peace of mind that your business is insured against the unexpected.

Reasons to buy

  • Compare quotes from our panel
    Quotes aren’t just provided by one insurer, but a panel of insurers, selected for their competitive prices and expertise.
  • Tailor your cover to fit your needs
    Ensure your surgery and your stock is protected - including refrigerated drugs. Get cover against damage to your premises, equipment and business interruption.
  • Protect your business
    If you own a doctor’s surgery, the right cover protects your business so that you can protect your patients.
  • Easy to buy
    Dedicated, UK-based advisers are committed to sourcing the surgery insurance you need at prices that suit.

Keep in Mind

  • To offer this insurance service, we work with Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited, one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers. Arthur J. Gallagher will search a panel of insurance providers for quotes tailored to your business’ insurance needs.
  • Insurance covers are subject to the individual terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurer providing them. Always review the policy documentation supplied during the quote process to ensure you have the cover you need.
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Help and Guidance

Read our expert guides to help understand what Insurance you need to protect your business.

Surgery Insurance is essential for anyone who runs a medical organisation such as doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, vets and health centres.

Surgeries, especially Doctors and Vets can have a lot of high cost possessions, including medical equipment and computers. If your work includes animals, children or even some adults, your possessions have a higher potential risk of accidental damage.

It is also important to consider things like desks, chairs, storage facilities even the sofas and water cooler in a client lounge. Without this space to work in, your business could suffer.

When considering the levels of cover to take out, it’s important to not underestimate how important basic Surgery supplies are to you. Could you afford to replace your Surgery equipment from scratch if it were to be damaged in a flood, or even stolen? Without a waiting room, or even a patient table, would you be able to remain open?

Also, as with any business, you need to consider liability insurance to protect you from claims relating to accidents or injury involving your customers or members of the public on your property. And if you are an employer you are required by law to have employers’ liability cover.

If you own or run a surgery you may need insurance to protect your business, staff and customers.
Surgery insurance could give you the peace of mind that your business is well protected and let you get on with the day to day management of your business.

Protect People

Your business relies on its customers, but when people visit your properties you can be liable in the event of accidents, incidents or injuries that are deemed to be your fault.
Something as simple as someone tripping over a chair in your waiting room has the potential to cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds, should there be an injury and a claim.

Protect Your Property

Your building and the items within are vital to the successful running of your business. If your premises become unusable due to insurable events, such as fire or flood, you may find it impossible to run your business. If you own the building you’ll need to ensure you have adequate buildings and contents insurance to protect you against the unexpected.

Employers’ Liability Cover

If you employ people or have people working for you or under your instruction, then you are almost certainly required by law to have employers’ liability insurance. It’s there to cover you if an employee becomes injured or falls ill because of something you have done or neglected to do as an employer.
Failure to hold valid employers liability can result in fines of £2500 per dayClose
Information correct as of 25th October 2016. For more information about employers’ liability insurance go to

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As a surgery owner you have a number of very different areas you need to protect. Not just buildings, contents and stock. You also need to consider your staff, customers and members of the public. Also if you give advice you may need Indemnity insurance in the event of claims made against you or your business.
Cover can vary depending on your individual needs, but commonly include:

Buildings and Contents

If you own your building you will need to think about insurance in the event that the property becomes unusable due to insurable events such as fire or flood.

You should also consider cover for your office contents such as furniture, filling systems or technology which could be expensive to replace.

Stock cover

Protecting your stock is vitally important to you and your business. Should the valuable contents of the business’ refrigerated drugs get compromised due to failing equipment, for example, stock cover can help with the cost.

Equipment cover

Computers and medical equipment are essential to any doctor’s surgery – but replacing these items can be pricey. Equipment cover protects against expensive replacement costs when important technology is accidentally broken or damaged.

Business interruption

Business interruption cover can help cover your business should events such as a fire, flood or major theft impact the everyday running of your business.

Protect Your Employees

If you have people working for you or under your instruction then you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. It’s there to cover you if an employee becomes injured or falls ill because of something you have done or neglected to do as an employer. Once you have a policy in place, remember that you need to keep up to date with health and safety at work regulations; otherwise you may not be covered.

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Public Liability cover

By the nature of the business, surgeries have a constant flow of customers and members of the public coming in and out every day. That makes people vulnerable to accidents and incidents on your property.
Something as simple as someone tripping over your threshold has the potential to cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds, should there be an injury and a claim.

Public Liability Insurance can provide cover against claims being made against the surgery.

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Professional Indemnity Cover

If you give advice or provide a service to a client, then you may need indemnity insurance to provide cover for any legal costs or expenses in the event that a claim is made against you. It can also provide cover for any compensation payable to your client to rectify the mistake. Professional Indemnity is available as a separate cover to surgery insurance.

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Please note this is not a comprehensive list. Additional covers are available to ensure your business is suitably protected.

If you’re not sure what you need, or need advice on the right insurance covers for your business, call 0345 377 0002 to speak to experienced surgery insurance advisers.

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Public Liability Insurance

Protect your business against third party claims of accidental injury or damage.

Find out about Public Liability Insurance

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Office Insurance

Can include building and contents insurance, computer cover in addition to cover for Public and Employers liability. Cover for business interruption can also be provided.

Find out about office insurance

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protect your business against allegations about your service or the advice you provide.

Find out about Professional Indemnity Insurance

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