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Import and Export

Buying or selling goods in other countries can bring with it a variety of risks. Our useful tools can help you to manage these risks.

Documentary letters of credit*

If you are exporting, you can ensure you are paid on time and in the correct amount using documentary letters of credit.

If you are importing you can use them to ensure that goods ordered are shipped on time and in keeping with the terms of sale.

Documentary letters of creditFind out more about Documentary letters of credit

Foreign guarantees

You can use guarantees or bonds to give new customers confidence in your ability to perform under a contract or make payment.

Foreign guaranteesFind out more about foreign guarantees

Documentary collections

Both exporters and importers can gain security of payment or delivery through controlled release of shipping documents

Documentary collectionsFind out more about Documentary collections

Online trade services

Online trade services provide a dashboard to enable you to manage trade transactions such as letters of credit and guarantees.

Online trade servicesFind out more about online trade services

International Trade Portal

International trading is a big step forward for your business, but it can be difficult to know how to break into a new market.

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International Business

Trading internationally can bring new benefits to your business. We’ll guide you through the next steps.

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