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Manage your payments in a reliable and efficient manner

As a business, you’ll require different ways of paying suppliers and taking payment from your customers.

BACS Direct

  • Supply payment details via Telecom/Bureau input.
  • Credit or debit accounts on the same day, with funds available for use as soon as they reach your account.
  • Issue nominated personnel with passwords, for extra security.
  • Arrange a limit to suit you.
  • Improve cashflow as money is released and received on the same day.
  • Reduce costs through less paperwork, postage and stationery.
  • Eliminate book-keeping errors.
  • Improve debtor control, as you are notified of unpaid debits quickly.

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Bulk Payments Service

  • Determine the date of each payment yourself.
  • Set up payments from two to 30 business days in advance.
  • Make credit and debit payments at the same time.
  • Stay in control of your payments via a full audit trail.
  • Potentially reduce your bank charges by using the Bulk Payments Service instead of cheques or bank giro credits.

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  • Accept card payments online, face-to-face and over the phone.
  • No Lloyds Bank account required.
  • Foreign currency conversion for overseas customers.
  • Easily track payments with sophisticated online reporting tools.

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Card terminals

Faster Payments

Faster Payments is a UK service that allows you to send and receive payments in hours, or even minutes, when you use Internet Banking or Phonebank.

If you have a Lloyds Bank personal account, find out more about how Faster Payments affects you. Charges for this service could apply, depending on the business account tariff that you choose.

Cut-off times for making a same-day payment:

Faster Payments via Telephone Banking – 10pm
Faster Payments via Internet Banking – 10pm
Faster Payments via LloydsLink – 5.45pm

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  • Fast, reliable and secure method of guaranteeing same business day payment of cleared funds in the UK.
  • Payment is made from one account to another on the same business day.
  • Funds are cleared on day of receipt.
  • Payments can be made for any amount, so there's no need to worry about cheque guarantee limits.
  • Money is received on the same business day, and can therefore be drawn against immediately.

Cut-off times for making a same-day payment:

CHAPS payment via Corporate Online or LloydsLink Online - 5.25pm
In branch – 4.25pm.

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Online Payment Control demo

As your business grows, it makes sense to have a straightforward method of managing online payments. Our Online Payment Control Service can give you greater control of your business' online payments, and your account limit will still apply.

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Accepting card payments

Visit our dedicated website to find out more about Cardnet and the benefits it can offer your business.

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