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Bacs Direct

Bacs Direct allows you to make and receive payments cost-effectively and securely, without the use of paper vouchers or cheques. You can pay your insurance premiums, subscriptions, salaries and wages, pensions, or interest payments with our efficient online Bacs Direct facility.

Features and benefits

  • Supply payment details via Telecom/Bureau input.
  • Credit or debit accounts on the same day, with funds available for use as soon as they reach your account.
  • Issue nominated personnel with passwords, for extra security.
  • Arrange a limit to suit you.
  • Improve cashflow as money is released and received on the same day.
  • Reduce costs through less paperwork, postage and stationery.
  • Eliminate book-keeping errors.
  • Improve debtor control, as you are notified of unpaid debits quickly.

We follow the industry standard processing cycle of three working days. For more information, go to our cheque clearing process page for automated payments.

View our Business Current Account.

How to apply

On the phone

0345 072 5555Call telephone number 0345 072 5555

Call us to talk to one of our business management team. Lines open 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday, except on UK bank holidays.

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