How we work with Commercial Banking customers

More than £25 million turnover

We are committed to brilliant British businesses, backing the ambitions and unlocking the potential of UK businesses of all sizes, to boost economic growth. Our relationship directors are dedicated to understanding your business and committed to your success, working closely with you to understand the opportunities and challenges you face – and deliver the solutions and support you need to achieve your goals.

They go further to mobilise all our specialist services to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Relationship led

Understanding your business

We commit to investing our relationship directors' time in understanding your business. Our relationship directors will agree a frequency of contact that's right for you, including an offer to spend at least one full day a year with you and your team, at your business, listening and learning.

The right approach for you

Our relationship teams take the time to understand what's right for your business, rather than what makes most money for us.

Access to senior management

We will provide you with local access to two named members of our senior management team in addition to your main relationship contact. This ensures you have continuity of relationship and a clear escalation route for any concerns.

Fair and transparent on credit

Local credit decisions

To ensure you receive quick and well informed credit decisions, we operate local credit teams that have the final say on more than 95% of lending proposals. We'll also agree how long the process will take at the outset and publish details of how often we've met the agreed timescales.

Alternatives not rejection

When assessing credit proposals we aim to deliver what you want, but if that's not possible we will always try to provide alternative solutions. This approach currently results in more than 95% of final proposals being accepted.

Smoother renewals

We will advise you of the outcome of any review of your committed facilities no later than one month prior to the renewal date.

Prior discussion

We will always offer to discuss additional lending conditions with you face-to-face rather than simply imposing them.

Taking the risk out of change

Switching promise

When you are ready to switch to us, we'll agree with you at the outset how long the process will take and appoint a dedicated team with a named leader to handle the transfer.

Price guarantee

If you switch business to us, we will guarantee our transaction fees for the term of the deal assuming transaction volumes remain within 10% of annual forecast. We do not price keenly to win business and then inflate prices once you are on-board.

Smoother handovers

We know change can cause uncertainty, so whenever possible, any new relationship director joining your team will shadow their predecessor for at least one month before taking charge. That way you will receive complete continuity of service.

No product push

Together, we will take the time to understand the market risks facing your business, to help you ensure your risk management policy is based upon sound and informed judgement. A rigorous internal review process assesses each solution against 'customer interest' criteria.

£0-1 million turnover

Our commitment to small businesses

We focus on delivering the support and empowerment that growing businesses need.

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£1-25 million

Meeting the needs of SMEs

We're committed to helping SMEs seize opportunities for growth.

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We're committed to helping businesses thrive.

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