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Forward Exchange Contracts

Using forward exchange contracts you can:

  • Fix the rate of exchange for foreign currency transactions for a specified date or time period.
  • Budget more accurately for international projects.
  • Know exactly what your costs or income will be.
  • Cover most major currencies.

Subject to application and approval process.

You pay the foreign exchange rate which is based on the spot rate on the day of the deal. A forward exchange contract is binding and will have to be cancelled if you don't use it. This may result in a profit or loss depending on the exchange rate on the day of cancellation.

Rates and charges

See our rates and charges page.

How to apply

On the phone

Existing customers: Contact your Relationship Manager.

New customers: Call us on 0800 022 4388Call telephone number 0800 022 4388 to talk to one of our Relationship Managers.

We are available on Monday to Friday (8am to 8pm) and Saturday (9am to 2pm), excluding UK Public Holidays.

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