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My Online for Business card reader isn’t working


There are two reasons why your card reader might not be working.

  1. Your card reader is locked.
  2. The batteries need replacing.

If you have a 'Battery Low' warning message on the card reader display the batteries will need replacing.

This can be done easily. You’ll need 4 x LR44 1.5v batteries and a small screwdriver. Remove the screw at the back of the reader and replace the batteries. Your card reader will then be ready to use.

Need to use the card reader right now?

Any other UK bank card reader should work with your card in the same way. The card reader holds no personal information about you, so if a colleague has one you should be able to use theirs. As long as you have your unique card and PIN, you will still be able to generate passcodes

You can order an additional card reader for Online for Business. There may be a charge for this.


How to unlock your card reader

  1. Go to the Online for Business logon page
  2. Select ‘Having trouble with your card reader?’ link
  3. Follow the steps and make a note of the reference number provided
  4. Call the Online for Business Helpdesk on 0345 300 0116. Once you’ve been verified the Helpdesk will unlock your card reader.

By Branch

You can unlock your card reader at any branch. You'll be taken through some security questions so that we can verify your identity.

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Frequently asked questions

  • By Phone

    If you’re still having problems, please call the Internet Banking Helpdesk on 0345 300 0116.

    Lines are open Monday – Friday 7am – 8pm and Saturday, 9am – 2pm.  This is excluding bank holidays.

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