Step by step guide to register for POA

Here’s a guide on how to register a trusted person to manage your account and finances

1. Contact your Relationship Manager (RM) to discuss your circumstance and type of Representative Access needed.

You will have to let your RM know the channel of registration you would prefer i.e. (Branch or Postal). If you select post, the RM will email you the forms and will let you know the documentation needed. If you opt to walk into the branch, the RM will book an appointment and will inform you of the required documentation you would need to bring to the appointment.

If you are an attorney living abroad, you will have to opt for postal registration. Please talk to your RM regarding additional documents needed (if any).

2. Complete the forms and provide the required proofs of identification/documentation

If you opted to register for POA via post, complete the forms sent to you by the RM, and post it back to the RM along with the identification proofs (listed below). If you opted for branch registration, arrange to bring the documents below to your appointment. During your appointment the RM will validate them and complete the required forms with you.

The documents you will need:

  • Original/or Certified copy of the Power of Attorney document
  • Original court order, or an official copy of it if applying for Court of Protection
  • Two forms of identification ; one showing name and one for proof of address
  • Additional documents may be required (for Attorneys living abroad)
    Your RM will let you know if further documents are needed base on your individual case. Note: We do accept foreign documentation from attorneys living abroad but please ensure that the documents posted in are certified and in English. If you have any queries, please get in contact with your RM who will be able to help you.

3. Transacting on the account

After the POA has been registered, a letter will be sent to both the attorney and the client.

You will then be able to register for:

  • Telephone banking to speak over the phone if you have any queries
  • Internet banking to allow you to keep track of your account(s)
  • See this link to see what else you can register for ‘At a glance’.

Important legal information

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