Adam Henson – why I bank with Lloyds Bank Agriculture

One of Britain's best known farmers, Adam Henson, has joined forces with Lloyds Bank Agriculture as a farming ambassador.

Adam is a second generation tenant farmer with a 650-hectare arable and livestock enterprise in the Cotswolds.

Farming with long-term business partner Duncan Andrews, Adam runs a modern and progressive business. He is familiar with many of the day-to-day challenges faced by farmers and credited with conveying a positive image of modern farming to a wider audiences. It is this public profile – aligned with his own experience – that underpins his role as our farming ambassador.

"My bank manager is an integral part of the team. That's why I bank with Lloyds Bank Agriculture."

"A modern and successful farm relies on a formidable team of advisers to keep it at the forefront. From agricultural accountants and agronomists, to planning advisers and tax consultants, I've needed them all and my farm is better for their advice.

But there's one member of the team who many farmers overlook – the bank manager. Well, I don't overlook mine. I reckon I've got a good one and I wouldn't be without his support and readily accessible knowledge and experience. He is Agriculture's Relationship Director for Gloucestershire. He's a frequent visitor to the farm and I'm on first name terms with him and his team who are based locally.

We may pat ourselves on the back for negotiating a good rate on a loan, but I'll be honest with you; the amount I've saved on good rates is small fry compared to the value he has given me over the years... for free. Whether he acts as a sounding board for ideas or even reaffirms what I think is right, I value his views highly.

I wouldn't want to say there's only one way of running a farm, but I believe that its hard to beat a local, knowledgeable, experienced and accessible bank manager. And if that manager works for a bank who has demonstrated, year in, year out, that it is committed to the agricultural sector and is open for business, then I think the combination is unbeatable. That's why I bank with Lloyds Bank Agriculture."

Adam Henson - our agricultural ambassador

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More about Adam Henson

Adam Henson is also recognised for furthering the work of his father Joe, who in 1971 set up the country's first farm park near Cheltenham to manage and conserve many of the UK's rare and valuable historic breeds.

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