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Finance for your farming equipment

Keeping your agriculture business running effectively means investing in equipment, machinery and vehicles. Our agriculture teams, through Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance, can offer you fast, efficient and affordable ways to buy new equipment, when you need it.

Having to buy capital assets can stretch your resources, so you might want to avoid significant one-off expenses or you may not have sufficient cash available when you need it. Asset Finance, including hire purchase and finance leasing, helps you fund your new equipment in an efficient, affordable and timely way.

  • Fund the purchase of a range of capital assets from vehicles and farm equipment, to office equipment.
  • Match the amount you borrow to the useful life of the asset and making sure the repayments from business revenue protects your working capital.
  • Arrange regular payments over an agreed period instead of paying cash up-front, so you ease the pressure on your cashflow.

Finance for your farming equipment

Assets funded include tractors, trailers and other farm equipment including:

  • combines
  • balers
  • pea viners
  • sprayers
  • robotic milking machines
  • telehandlers.

We also offer cars, agricultural and commercial vehicles.

Service features include hire purchase or finance lease, and you can borrow from £7,500. We also offer a flexible initial deposit, with funding periods of between one and five years, a telephone-based service, and flexible repayments.

We'll respond to your funding request in 24 hours*.

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Single farm payment hedging

Hedging your single farm payments can act as protection against a poor exchange rate.

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