We are helping to fund the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods and MOREhedges schemes to help landowners plant trees and hedgerows as part of your farm’s transition to a low/zero carbon future.

The Woodland Trust are offering partial funding for planting 0.5 hectares (ha) of new woodland or more as part of the MOREwoods and MOREhedges schemes. The MOREwoods and MOREhedges schemes can bring a multitude of benefits to your farm, such as:

  • Capturing carbon 
  • Protecting soil
  • Helping to manage flooding
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Offering habitats for game and wildlife

You can choose to create a shelterbelt, fill a corner of a field or even plant a small wood.

The minimum requirements for the Woodland Trust schemes are:

  • MoreWOODS: a minimum of 0.5ha of land to plant trees on
  • MoreHEDGES: at least 100-250m of hedgerow to plant that has connectivity to woodland

Manor Farm

Find out how Ben Butler has used the MOREhedges scheme to help improve the biodiversity on Manor Farm.

Read about Manor Farm

Woodland Trust’s experts are here to help

Plant trees with the Woodland Trust and they’ll offer you:

  • Subsidised tree and hedgerow planting: If you have over half a hectare, or 100 - 250m of space to plant a new hedgerow, you can unlock a significant discount of up to 75% to plant trees or hedgerows on your land.
  • Woodland creation advice: The Woodland Trust Creation Team offer tailored advice on woodland design, ensuring the most appropriate spacing and species mix.
  • Woodland Trust specialist support throughout: You will have access to a dedicated Woodland Trust project officer who’ll help guide your application from start to finish. Either plant the trees yourself, or for projects over 1ha the Woodland Trust can arrange planting for you at a significantly subsidised rate.

Want to know more?

Contact our experts at woodlandtrust.org.uk/enquiry quoting: LB

Apply today

Planting season is November to March, but it’s never too early to start planning! Apply now to plant trees and the Woodland Trust will work with you to create a plan that meets the needs of your farm.

Please note that applications received from mid-October onwards are generally scheduled to be planted in the following planting season. For example, any applications from mid- October 2020 would typically be planted during November 2021 to March 2022.

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