We know how important it is for our brokers to receive the support they need from their Bank. We also know that one size doesn’t always suit everyone. 

Many of our brokers would like us to take on more of their cases and have access to the sector expertise offered by more than just one Broker Development Manager (BDM). That’s why we believe it’s time to share our resource in a more agile way and have made a few changes to the way we work with some of our brokers. 

We will retain what we consider to be our best features, embrace the agility we have refined over the past 12 months and increase the capacity of our BDMs by forming a new Commercial Finance Broker Direct team in addition to our existing field team.

Our team

The Commercial Finance Broker Direct team will consist of some of our most experienced BDMs and new business opportunities will channel through a single telephone number and email address, providing brokers unprecedented access to the team of BDMs. Direct contact with BDMs will be retained for ongoing inflight case management via their mobile number, the best of both worlds.

But don’t worry, we also understand that some of our brokers including those dealing with larger complex cases still require that ‘hands-on’ support offered by our BDM field team and we will continue to support these brokers through our face to face relationships. The efficiencies achieved through the creation of the Commercial Finance Broker Direct team mean that we’ll have more time to spend with all our brokers.


Contact us

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our strategy, please contact your BDM or call the Commercial Finance Broker Direct team on 0345 901 3121.

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