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International services rates and charges

We offer a variety of ways for you to do business overseas. View a summary of the rates and charges for our international services below.

Sending money abroad

Transaction typeSent viaCharges
International payment Internet banking £15
Express International Moneymover Branch £28
Standard International Moneymover Branch £21
Non-urgent Euro (SEPA)1 Branch £19
International draft payable abroad Branch £15
SEPA Direct Debit Direct Debit Free
Correspondent Bank Fee
Zone 1 (USA, Canada and Europe (non-EEA)) £12
Zone 2 (Rest of the world) £20

All charges are per item unless otherwise stated.

Charges correct from 13 January 2018.

Receiving money from abroad

Transaction typeCharges
Electronic payments received from abroad Up to £100 (£2)
Over £100 (£7)
Foreign cheque/draft See tariff for outward collection or negotiation

Please be aware that online international payments made through Online for Business, outside of normal market trading hours (7am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) will include an additional premium in the exchange rate offered. This premium is not applied if you transact within normal market trading hours, where exchange rates offered to you will be live and fluctuate in line with the markets. The premium is not included in Corporate Online, Lloydslink or Commercial Banking Online payment options.

If you are transacting with an overseas contact, there are charges relating to international payments. It is a good idea to agree between the person sending the funds (sender) and the person receiving the funds (receiver) beforehand who pays for the charges relating to the transaction.

Charging options are applicable depending on where the payment is being sent. If the payment is being sent within the EEA, then the charging option is restricted to SHA (Shared). If the payment is being sent to a country outside the EEA, then the following options are available to select:

BEN (beneficiary/receiver) – The receiver pays all charges

SHA (shared) – The sender and receiver share the charges. The sender pays their own bank charges. The receiver pays their own bank charges PLUS those of any bank involved in processing the payments. See Correspondent Bank Charges for more information

OUR (remitter/sender) – The sender pays all charges

Payments are routed around the world by different banks, and only rarely is one bank involved from start to finish for a particular transaction.

When the sending Bank doesn’t have a relationship with Lloyds Bank, payments will be sent via another Bank known as the ‘Intermediary’ or ‘Correspondent Bank’, to help them get the funds to the right beneficiary.

The Correspondent Banks apply charges for their services which may be deducted from the original amount before Lloyds Bank receives the payment.

Lloyds Bank has no control or visibility over which route these payments take or the charges that are deducted.

Please be aware that Correspondent Bank charges will vary from Bank to Bank. Each Bank is responsible for setting their own charges.

In addition to these charges there may also be exchange rate fluctuations which impact the final Sterling amount.

For more detailed information on our Foreign Currency Accounts & Euro Currency Account interest rates, please visit our interest rates page.

Euro Current Accounts

Transaction typeCharges
Account Maintenance Fee £24 per year (fee taken in two instalments of £12 charged either in March/September or April/October)3
Foreign banknotes paid in or out (i.e. foreign banking)2 £2 per £100; minimum £3; plus £10 administration fee
Euro cheques drawn in UK and paid into your account See tariff for domestic Euro transaction
Currency cheques for Sterling cheques drawn abroad and paid into your Euro account See tariff for outward collection or negotiation

Domestic Euro transaction (both paying and collecting banks are UK-based)

Transaction typeCharges
Euro cheques issued from your Euro account 59p
Euro cheques paid into your Euro account
In addition, charge levied for credit

Foreign Currency Accounts

Transaction type Charges
Account Maintenance Fee £60 per year (fee taken in two instalments of £30 charged either in March/September or April/October)3
Foreign banknotes paid in or out (i.e. foreign banking)4 £2 per £100; minimum £3; plus £10 administration fee
Currency cheques or Sterling cheques drawn abroad and paid into your currency account See tariff for outward collection or negotiation


Transaction typeCharges
Cheques/drafts (including dividend warrants) payable:

  • in foreign currency or Sterling drawn abroad; or
  • in foreign currency drawn in the UK (See below for exceptions)5
Up to £100 – £5
Over £100 – 25p per £100
Minimum £8, maximum £80
Charges as per country
Cheques/drafts payable in a different currency from the country where they are drawn
(excluding items expressed in Sterling or drawn in the UK)
Up to £100 – £5
Over £100 – 25p per £100
Minimum £15, maximum £80
Charges as per cheque
Unpaid charge (if the cheque/draft is not honoured by the paying bank) £5


Transaction type Charges
Cheques/drafts (including dividend warrants) Up to £100 – £5
Over £100 – 25p per £100
Minimum £15, maximum £80
Note: Fee to be taken whether item is paid or unpaid
Transaction type Charges
Status enquiries abroad
If sent electronically
Additional £10

These charges apply when requests are made after an international payment has been sent abroad.

Transaction typeCharges
Amendments6 £5 per message
Beneficiary claiming non-receipt of funds (BCNR) query £5 per chaser after the first one which is free of charge
Recalling a payment7 £20 per payment

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