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Starting a business

Choosing to become your own boss can be fulfilling and life enhancing. Before navigating the unchartered territory of self-employment, it’s vital to do your research and develop an effective plan.

From finding the right mentor to preparing your business plan, we’re here to help you take the next steps toward your start-up goals.

Being your own boss

Many of us dream of controlling our own destiny, especially when it comes to work. After all, being your own boss has a number of potential benefits.

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Starting a business - 10 things you need to know

Starting your own business can be life changing. With the sheer volume of things to consider, it can be easy to overlook some essential planning steps. Here are ten important considerations to help you get your business up and running successfully.

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The benefits of a business mentor

Your first foray into entrepreneurship can be intimidating, but a business mentor can guide you through the challenges and opportunities.

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The perks of being your own boss

Setting up your own business is exciting. And if you have the resourcefulness and drive to succeed, starting out on your own can bring many rewards.

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