Extra security when you shop and bank online


Make sure you're ready

We’ve added extra security checks to protect our customers online.

  • Buy something online
  • Log on to Online for Business
  • Add a new payee

If you do any of these things, you may need two different ways to prove who you are. Your password and memorable information is one way. Using your Lloyds Bank Business app or mobile phone number could be another. 

These changes are part of new industry legislation called Strong Customer Authentication to protect you against fraud. It’s important you are ready for these extra steps, or you may not be able to shop online or log on to Online for Business. 

How do I prepare?

To make sure you're able to complete these extra security checks, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Download the Lloyds Bank Business app to be able to quickly and securely confirm it’s you.
  2. Check and update your phone number. We’ll text a passcode to your mobile or call your landline to confirm actions. 
  3. When prompted, you can trust your device. Trusting your private and secure computer, laptop, tablet or mobile means we’ll know it’s you logging on. 
  4. Make sure you have a card reader.
  5. Make sure every debit card holder in your business has downloaded the app or updated their phone number.

Buy something online

When shopping online, you will sometimes need to complete an extra security check during payment. The payment screen will ask you to verify yourself. You can do this through your:

  • Lloyds Bank Business app: You will get an automatic prompt to confirm your purchase
  • Phone: We’ll call or text you with a passcode, which you can enter on the payment screen

Log on to Online for Business

When you log on to your account, you’ll need to complete an extra security check in addition to your password and memorable information. You can do this through:

  • Card reader
  • Trusted device: Your device will be remembered for the next time you log on. Don’t choose this option if others have access to your device, or if you’re on a public network

Add a new payee

When making a payment to someone for the first time, you will need to use your card reader before payment can be completed.

That way we can make sure all new payments are genuine.

Changes to Internet Banking – More Information


  • Our mobile app makes it quick and easy to verify who you are. It’s free to download, just click the button below.

    The Lloyds Business Mobile app is available on the Apple App Store.

    Get the Lloyds Business Mobile app on Google Play.

    Scan the code on the right with your phone to download our app today.

    You will need to be registered for Online for Business before you can use the Lloyds Bank Business app. Register for internet banking.

    a QR code, a tablet and a mobile phone
  • When making a purchase online we may need to get in touch to check it’s you. We'll do this by sending you a text message to your mobile phone number.

    To update your mobile number please click the button below.

    Update my details

    You can check all the phone numbers we have saved on your account:

    • Access your Online for Business account using the following link: Check my number
    • Click on 'Admin' on the top right hand side
    • Click on 'view or update your details'
    • Follow the instructions on your screen

    If you have both a personal and business account we'll use the same number for both. So it's important that the number you give can be used when buying something online with your personal and business accounts. 

  • To order a card reader

    • Log on to your Online for Business account
    • Click on “Admin” on the top right hand side
    • Click on “Order additional card reader”
    • Follow the instructions on your screen

    To order an authentication card

    If you have a debit card you can use this with your card reader to log on and make payments in Online for Business. If you don’t have a debit card, you can order an authentication card using the steps below.

    • Log on to your Online for Business account
    • Select ‘More Actions’
    • Then ‘Account Services’
    • Select ‘Request Replacement Card’

    If you card reader isn’t working you can find more information in our FAQs.

    a card in a card reader
  • If you regularly use the same computer, laptop, mobile, tablet or mobile to log on, then we may ask if you trust your device.

    If you trust your device you'll be able to log on faster, as we’ll know it’s you and not someone else.

    You should only trust computers, laptops, tablets and mobile browsers that are privately used by you.

    You should not trust a device if you share it with someone you don’t know, or if you’re on a public network.

  • Each time you log on you are asked for three characters from your memorable information.

    Haven't set it up yet? You'll be asked to do so next time you log on to Online for Business.

    Can’t remember what it is? Simply click ‘forgotten your logon details?’ on the Online for Business log on page to reset.

    Remember, never share full memorable information online or over the phone.

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication is a new set of industry legislation that provides an extra set of security checks for internet banking. For you, it means more protection when you bank and shop online. It will involve some extra checks to prove it’s really you. This will help keep you safer from online fraud.