Foreign Currency Deposits

If you have excess funds in a foreign currency account, and you intend to retain these funds for a period of time, then you may wish to review our foreign currency deposits.

Our foreign currency deposits may help you maximise your interest income on any surplus foreign currency funds. We have Fixed Term Deposits available in over 13 major currencies and a 32 Day USD Notice Account to choose from.

Fixed Term Deposit


  • Available in over 13 currencies including GBP / EUR & USD.
  • Any term available from overnight to three years.
  • Provides a fixed rate of interest over a fixed term.

Keep in Mind

  • No withdrawals permitted until maturity date.
  • No additional funds can be paid in during the term of the deposit, however you can open more than one Fixed Term Deposit.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions.

32 Day USD Notice Account


  • The interest rate you receive on the account will track the Federal Funds Target Rate (FDTR) and is calculated and paid into the account daily.
  • 32 days’ notice required to make a withdrawal, providing remaining balance is over $10,000.
  • Additional funds can be paid into the account.

Keep in Mind

  • Funds are committed for a minimum period of 32 days.
  • The interest rate you receive on the account will reduce if the Federal Funds Target Rate (FDTR) reduces.
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions.

For rates and to apply, please call us on 0345 305 5555. We are available 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.