Making & Receiving International Payments

Secure and efficient solutions for international cash management.

Make and receive payments quickly, safely and easily and manage your overseas bank accounts with a range of options to suit your business and your customers.

  • The SEPA Direct Debit scheme is designed to create a single, convenient and efficient way to accept and make direct debit payments in Euros throughout the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) community into a single bank account.

    It can help reduce operational costs, simplify processing and strengthen cash management forecasting as well as improve access for UK businesses to European markets by removing barriers to collections. Choose from two schemes:

    Core SEPA Direct Debit scheme

    • For transactions between businesses and their consumer or business customers.

    Business to Business SEPA Direct Debit scheme

    • Restricted to transactions between businesses, which are non-micro-enterprises.
    • Responds to the specific needs of the business community with shorter timelines. 
  • Report all your accounts in one place, whether held with Lloyds Bank or elsewhere, providing a single view of your global cash position and the ability to manage funds centrally, driving efficient treasury management.

    • Multi-bank sweeps and reporting
    • Single treasury view of your global cash position
    • Optimise working capital through an overlay structure by funding and defunding accounts centrally 
  • Pay in cheques drawn overseas or in foreign currency. Speak to one of our experts about speeding up clearance via our Foreign Cheque Collection service to give you value quicker. 

Pay overseas suppliers or subsidiaries securely and efficiently via international payments and SEPA Credit Transfers using either online banking or a host-to-host connection.

  • Secure bank to bank transfers
  • Send and receive money in most major currencies
  • Transparent fees
  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Store details for repeat payments
  • Make payments via online banking, host to host or SWIFT 

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Commercial Banking Online Clients

Clients registered for Commercial Banking Online (CBO) can log on to make an International Payment.

Lloyds Bank Gem®

New regulations, evolving technology and increasing customer expectations are driving changes in payments. To meet these new challenges, we’ve developed a new cash management and payments platform, Lloyds Bank Gem®.

Clients registered for Lloyds Bank Gem can log on to make a domestic payment.

Payment solutions for smaller businesses

Payment solutions for smaller businesses

From paying suppliers to receiving payments from customers.

Payment solutions

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