Online services and Embedded Payment solutions

Stay in control of your finances with our online services.

A range of connectivity options, from online banking to host-to-host and API, can help you streamline business processes.

Commercial Banking Online

Commercial Banking Online will help you manage your business online, giving you access to both your sterling and currency accounts 24/7, 365 days a year. Occasionally we may need to carry out essential maintenance, resulting in some interruption to service.

Lloyds Bank Gem®

New regulations, evolving technology and increasing customer expectations are driving changes in payments. To meet these new challenges, we’ve developed a new cash management and payments platform, Lloyds Bank Gem®.

Embedded Payment solutions

We can now embed our innovative payment services into your customer journeys and business processes, providing secure solutions that are faster and simpler to use.

Host to Host

Our host to host service, Commercial Banking Direct enables the secure transfer of information between your systems and ours, from bank statements to payment instructions allowing you to automate manual processes, reducing risk and speeding up delivery.

To find out more about Commercial Banking Direct, speak to your Relationship Manager.

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Payment solutions for smaller businesses

Payment solutions for smaller businesses

From paying suppliers to receiving payments from customers.

Payment solutions

Lloyds Bank Gem® is a registered trademark of Lloyds Bank plc.