Corporate Asset Finance

Specialist support for equipment finance and leasing transactions

Corporate Asset Finance helps support your business objectives. We focus on delivering solutions to £100m+ turnover customers, with dedicated teams to support Global Corporates and Mid Market customers requiring asset funding solutions of £250,000 and above.

Asset financing instruments are designed to support key financial requirements throughout your company’s financial and equipment life cycle.

Our diverse product range means we can deliver individual solutions to allow you to grow your business or improve your company’s cashflow.

We have our own in-house asset management team, allowing us to take residual value positions on a wide variety of asset classes.

We offer coverage across the UK and support from an internal team of lawyers, taxation consultants, accountants and financial modellers. This ensures you benefit from efficient decision times, responsive collaborative team-work and low deal costs.

Asset Finance helps you:

  • release locked in value from your business’ fixed assets;
  • obtain an asset for a short- or long-term contract;
  • secure a new asset with minimal initial outlay to preserve cash reserves;
  • provide funding or tax efficient structuring aligned to your business’ specific accounting treatment requirements;
  • access varied sources of funding to avoid using cash reserves or bank credit lines;
  • easily and cost-effectively dispose of, or upgrade, an asset;
  • improve financial ratios and cash forecasting;
  • transfer residual value risk.

Our services

  • We have been funding assets for over 30 years. Our team includes specialists in a diverse range of asset classes including:

    • corporate aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines,
    • oil & gas equipment,
    • food manufacturing,
    • transport assets,
    • medical equipment,
    • materials handling and
    • construction and technology-related assets.

    Corporate Asset Finance can finance a vast array of business assets including:

    • Buses / commercial vehicles / refuse vehicles
    • Construction equipment / cranes
    • Manufacturing / production equipment
    • IT equipment
    • Helicopters / corporate jets / commercial aircraft / aircraft engines
    • Printing equipment
    • Healthcare/pharmaceutical assets
    • Oil & gas assets
    • Shipping assets / containers
  • Businesses looking for straightforward financing and asset ownership should consider Hire Purchase. You spread the cost of the asset by paying instalments over the agreed term. This is followed by a final one-off purchase option fee transferring asset ownership to you at the end of the term.

    The Benefits of Hire Purchase:

    • Minimum capital outlay – costs are spread over the term of the agreement.
    • Certainty of costs – fixed monthly payments assist with budgeting.
    • Capital allowances – your business can claim any available capital allowances.
    • VAT – VAT is not payable on the rentals. VAT relating to the asset purchase price is payable upfront when entering into the Hire Purchase agreement, however this is recoverable.
    • Asset ownership – upon payment of the ‘purchase option fee’ your business will have title to the asset at the end of the term.
    • Tax reduction – repayment interest can be offset against profits for taxation.

    We can tailor a Hire Purchase solution to suit your business and your budget.

    Call us today to see how Hire Purchase could help your business.

  • Finance Leases are ideal for businesses looking for immediate use of a new asset with minimal initial financial outlay. This allows you to use an asset for an agreed term in return for rental payments.

    Benefits of Finance Leases:

    • Deferred VAT payments – VAT is paid on your rentals rather than the upfront purchase price, which is paid by Corporate Asset Finance. VAT paid on your rentals is usually recoverable.
    • Operation – your business remains in day-to-day control of the asset.
    • Asset use – full use of the asset with no ownership responsibility.
    • Minimum capital outlay – Corporate Asset Finance will fund up to 100% of the purchase price of the asset and the costs are spread over the lease term.
    • Flexible – tailored to suit your business’s needs.
    • Tax reduction – rentals can normally be offset against profits for taxation.
    • End of lease term – you can either return the asset or consider a secondary lease rental agreement.

    We can tailor a Finance Lease solution to suit your business and your budget.

    Call us today to see how a Finance Lease could help your business.

  • Businesses looking to minimise the impact of new equipment acquisitions on their cashflow and manage asset risk should consider an Operating Lease.

    Corporate Asset Finance will build in a residual value (a guaranteed future value) which will reduce the capital and interest charged during the lease term, reducing your monthly rentals and boosting your cashflow.

    Benefits of Operating Leases:

    • Cashflow – beneficial cashflow from reduced rentals.
    • Cost efficiency and improved profitability – providing cheaper lending commitments compared to vanilla debt alternatives
    • Tax Reduction – rentals can normally be offset against profits for taxation.
    • Security and operational benefits – you can return the asset at the end of its lease period, making it the ideal choice for project or contract work or those that need to upgrade assets regularly.
    • Off balance sheet – the asset and associated funding can often be treated as off balance sheet.
    • Flexibility – an Operating Lease allows you to return the asset, purchase the asset at the current fair market value or consider a secondary rental agreement, giving your business great flexibility.

    We can tailor an Operating Lease solution to suit your business and your budget.

    Call us today to see how an Operating Lease could help your business.

  • Where a business chooses to outsource part of their operations to a strategic partner who will run and manage this part of the business, a structured loan can be useful.

    Outsourced assets, such as technology hardware and software, waste management equipment and commercial vehicle fleets can be purchased today by raising finance against future committed payment streams from the end customer.

    Benefits of Structured Loans and Receivables Based Finance:

    • Supportive accounting treatment – fine-tune the finance solution to best suit your business’ accounting practices and, with your auditor’s approval, treat the assets as being off balance sheet.
    • Asset flexibility – allows most types of business assets to be financed, with the ability to substitute assets over the life of the agreement.
    • Operational benefits and geography – locate assets globally without potential restrictions on geographical location.
    • Tax neutrality – the parties can structure the transaction to allow any potential tax allowances to sit with the party who can take most benefit.
    • Constraint-free at end of financing – your business (or outsourcing partner) remains in control of the assets throughout the financing period and has no constraints at the end of the period – you can carry on using the assets or dispose of them as best suits your needs.

    We can tailor a Structured Loan solution to suit your business and your budget.

    Call us today to see how a Structured Loan could help your business.

  • With Sale and Leaseback, businesses can expand without tying up their cashflow.

    Sale and Leaseback gives your business the flexibility to put previously purchased assets onto a lease structure. It is ideal for businesses looking to free-up capital and release value from recent and new asset purchases.

    Through selling your asset to Corporate Asset Finance, you receive an immediate cash injection into your business. By leasing it back from us you remain in day-to day control of the asset.

    Benefits of Sale and Leaseback:

    • Flexibility – a purchasing option that can sit alongside all your other financing instruments.
    • Releasing locked-in value – it allows you to exercise capital and value out of an asset.
    • Operational benefits – your business remains in day-to-day operational control of the asset. As this is a purchase option, not a funding option, the same return or purchase conditions apply as with Finance or Operating Leases.

    We can tailor a Sale and Leaseback solution to suit your business and your budget.

    Call us today to see how Sale and Leaseback could help your business.

When using these product and services with us your agreement will be with a Lloyds Banking Group company whose terms and conditions will apply.

The provision of credit or leasing services by us is subject to your meeting our Credit approval. Please ensure that you only apply for credit or leasing services that you can comfortably afford.


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