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Supplier Finance

Supplier Finance is a buyer-led programme where payment to suppliers can be accelerated on a non-recourse basis once the buyer has approved the invoice for payment using our Open Account Platform. The supplier can leverage the buyer’s credit rating to reduce their cost of funding and access 100% of the invoice value due from the buyer. Supplier Finance can help improve cashflow, reduce costs and risk, and ensure that the supply chain is more stable and resilient.

Invoice Finance and Receivables Purchase

Solutions allow corporate sellers to accelerate payment for their invoices thereby helping to optimize working capital. The bank purchases a selection of the seller’s receivables from approved debtors. Programmes are increasingly valuable to treasurers seeking to enhance cash-flow and strengthen their balance sheet and can be offered on a non-recourse basis.

Asset based lending

Asset based lending solutions allow further leverage of your balance sheet, without sacrificing equity.

All applications for our products and services are subject to eligibility criteria.

Invoice Finance for smaller businesses

Invoice Finance for smaller businesses

For businesses with a turnover up to £25 million, find out more about Invoice Finance and get a quote.

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