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Tailored banking for farmers

Running an agricultural business comes with its fair share of challenges. Banking shouldn’t be one of them. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the sector means we can get to work supporting your farm business – the way you need – from day one.

Features and benefits:

  • We're ready to support sound farm businesses year in, year out, including a £250million flood recovery fund.
  • We have proven ourselves to be truly committed to the agricultural sector, even in challenging times.
  • Our agriculture business managers will visit you on your farm, and we have support teams in nearby towns to assist with your everyday banking.
  • We know farmers value our service. Up to 3,000 farmers have moved their business to us in the past five years.

Our agricultural managers offer understanding and support to our farming clients affected by flooding. They proactively contact clients and keep in regular touch to offer help for the long run.

At Sedgemoor Market, where much of the evacuated livestock from the Somerset levels was moved to, agricultural managers met farmers badly hit to discuss their immediate financial needs.

Overdraft extended on fee-free basis

The village of Mulchelney was completely cut off by floodwater for several weeks and farmer Mike Curtis had to move his family out of their home. His farm land was completely flooded but the cattle housing where his 700 livestock were being held were only just above the water line. To help him through this crisis his overdraft facility was extended on a fee-free basis for a month, and we’ll keep these terms for the full 12 month facility when it’s formally renewed.

Overdraft renewed and fees refunded

Farmers Ken and Lena Popham were in the middle of lambing 1300 ewes. As their land was so wet, Ken had to find housing for his ewes and their new offspring. Despite his trouble, he found time to help his fellow farmers to evacuate stock to the local livestock market. The Pophams' agricultural manager agreed to renew their overdraft for 12 months and refunded their fees.

Keeping in touch

Customer James Winslade appeared on television when the flooding first happened. His house, farm, buildings and land were totally under water, and he had to evacuate his 400 cattle. Manager Lee Baker phoned every couple of days to keep in touch and was on hand to support James with financial queries and requests.

Andrew Naylor, Director of UK Agriculture at Lloyds Bank, says: “I am incredibly proud of how our agricultural managers responded to the weather crisis. These are challenging times for our farming clients and our managers' proactive and positive approach is a true demonstration of our commitment to the agricultural sector. Contacting clients in the impacted areas to offer financial support and being out in the markets and worst affected areas is a truly tangible demonstration of our support.”

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