Business Banking Electronic Tariff

(no longer available)

Business Banking Electronic Tariff is no longer available to new customers.

If you are an existing Business Banking Electronic Tariff customer the following will still apply. If you regularly make transactions electronically – at ATMs, through internet banking or using automated payment tools like Faster Payments – the Business Banking Electronic Tariff may still be the right account for you. As long as you maintain a credit balance of £1 or more, this tariff ensures you pay less or nothing for these types of transactions.

Read through the tables below to see how you will be charged under our Business Banking Electronic Tariff. Keep in mind that our charging cycle runs from the 10th of the month to the 9th of the following month. Credit interest is not paid as standard on our Business Banking Electronic Tariff.

To see if you may be better off on our Business Current AccountOur Business Current account, take a look at the online calculator.

We charge an account maintenance fee of £5.50 a month to cover the basic administration costs of running your account.

Transaction Type Business Banking Electronic Tariff
Monthly Fee2 £5.50
Minimum balance3 £1
Electronic transactions
UK Sterling Direct Debits4 Free
Standing order
Business Debit Card transactions (excludes ATM)
Cash withdrawals from another bank’s ATM (Free from a Lloyds Banking Group Cashpoint® machine)5
Internet Bulk Payment – batch UK Sterling Direct Debit
Faster payments
Internet Banking and Phonebank® payment
Automated credit
Automated credit – Faster payments inbound
Automated credit (Telephone and Internet banking)
Internet Bulk Payment – per item1
Transfer to or from another Lloyds Bank Account in your name with a sort code starting with 30, 77 or 87
Cheques and Cash
Cheque out 75p
Cheque paid in (or postal order) 40p
Cash paid in 95p per £100
Cash paid out at a Lloyds Bank counter2
Cash exchanged £1.65 per £100
Other branch transactions
Credit paid in via a night safe Free
Other debit 75p
Credit paid in at a Lloyds Bank Branch counter (including via an Immediate Deposit Machine)
Credit paid in at another bank
Other credit (including a CHAPS payment in)
Other services
BACS file - submitted £4
BACS debit or credit item Free
Telepay or Teledebit item 32p

Correct as at 10th February 2015.

Transaction type Charges
Unauthorised borrowing fee £15
Unpaid item £35 for each item not paid

Unauthorised borrowing fee

The first time you go overdrawn or exceed your agreed limit with us by £50 or more, you may be charged an Unauthorised Borrowing Fee (UBF) of £15. After that, the UBF is applied every time you increase your unauthorised borrowing by £50 or more from the previous day's closing balance, unless a higher limit is agreed with us or until the account is within its existing limit or in credit.

Unpaid item

We charge £35 each time we have to return a cheque unpaid or there is insufficient money in your account to pay a standing order or direct debit.

If you have an Islamic Business Account with us, you will move onto our Business Banking Electronic Tariff after your free banking3 period ends. You won’t pay credit interest on this tariff, and your money will continue to be managed in accordance with Shariah law.

We process payments made through an Islamic Business Account in different ways. Go to our page on Islamic Business Account chargesIslamic Business Account charges for more information.

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Existing customers

Existing Business Banking Electronic tariff customers may prefer to look at our Business Current Account.

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