Card safety

Does your business have a bank card? If so, you and your staff need to know how to use it safely to avoid scams.

Paying by debit or credit card can help to protect your money if something goes wrong. If you pay direct to a bank account, it’s like handing over cash. So, before you pay this way, make sure the payment is genuine and the details are right.

In this guide, you’ll find tips on how to stay safe while using a bank card.

Has your business been targeted by fraudsters?

Has your business been targeted by fraudsters?

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Tips on card safety

  • If you have to use a card machine, follow these steps:

    • Hold on to your card - Nobody should have to take your card away. Never let it out of your sight.
    • Go to a till - If you don’t want to wait for a card machine to come to you, pay at a till.
    • Touch and go - You don’t have to use your PIN with Contactless or a phone app. And it’s quick and safe to pay this way.
    • Hide your PIN - Shield the keypad so no one can see what you enter.
  • If your business has more than one bank card, each one will have its own card number and PIN.

    Every card holder must know where their bank card is at all times. They should never share the PIN or card details, even with other colleagues.

    To help protect a PIN, memorise it. Never write it down. If a non-card holder gets to know the PIN, they could try to use the card.

    If someone has seen or found out the PIN, change it right away. You can do this at a Lloyds Bank Cashpoint®.

  • If your business takes card payments, follow these tips to stay safe:

    Use 3D secure - This can help protect against fraudulent payments.

    Review high risk payments - If your merchant services supplier flags a payment, make sure your staff know how to review it.

    Keep Chip & PIN machines secure - Have a safe place to store your machines so nobody can tamper with them.

    Protect cardholder details - You must keep these details secure as required by the card payment industry. Only allow key staff to be able to see these details.

    Follow merchant security guidance - Your merchant services provider will have detailed security guidance. Make sure all key staff know and follow this guidance.

    Learn more about payment security

  • When you bank online, you may need to use a code with your card reader. These codes allow you to make a payment or to carry out other actions.

    We'll never get in touch to ask you for these codes.

    NEVER share a code with anyone. This will help to keep your account safe.

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