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Discover Business Mobile Banking

Access your business accounts on the move

Our mobile banking app is a great way to securely access and manage your business accounts on the move. Whether you are on your way to your next meeting, in the office without your PC or on your way home, our app will help you to stay in touch with your finances.

  • Express logon - fingerprint and face ID is now available with compatible
    iPhone and Android devices meaning you can log on securely and quickly.
    If you would prefer, you can use just three characters from your memorable information
  • Make payments – pay wages and salaries to your employees as well as suppliers, when you’re on the go
  • Manage your cashflow – Check your balance and transactions to see whether a particular payment has come in or left your account, whilst you’re out and about
  • Control regular payments - View and cancel your standing orders and Direct Debits on the move
  • Deposit cheques – Pay in cheques up to £500* using your device’s camera

Loans – not currently available in the app. Can be viewed in desktop Internet Banking

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Getting started with the app

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app it’s easy to register. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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You’re safe with us

The app has the latest built-in security technology to keep your details safe and private.

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Deposit business cheques using the app

Pay in cheques up to £500 using your device’s camera and the money should clear in just two working days.

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Download our Business Mobile Banking app

Before you can download the app you will need to be registered for Online for Business, register now.

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If you’re not reading this on your mobile select "Get the app" and we'll send an SMS to your mobile with a link to download the app.

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If you still have some questions about our apps, security or anything else take a look at our FAQs.