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“Understanding the key decisions to be made in Primary Care today could be vital to securing a sustainable business model for the coming years.

Find out more with our ‘Need to Know’ factsheets which share impartial insights from recognised specialists and address the main issues facing general practice – some of which you may not have previously considered.

It’s all part of our ambition to support individual practices and the sector as a whole with the right knowledge, insights and banking products. We hope you find this information helps you move your practice forward.”

Martyn Kendrick
Head of Healthcare Banking Services, Lloyds Bank

Tower Family Healthcare

Find out how a six-figure property investment helped create a new GP partnership that will revolutionise care for 50,000 people in Lancashire.

Tower Family Healthcare case studyFind out more about Tower Family Healthcare

Private Provider Companies

With large private healthcare providers moving into the primary care market, one way for GPs to work effectively together is by forming new entities called Private Provider Companies (PPCs).

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Advice on practice mergers – top tips

Robert Capper, Partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys, outlines the considerations and top ten tips for practice mergers.

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Forming a General Practice Federation

Hear from Scott McKenzie about the potential benefits and challenges of forming a GP federation.

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Partner changes

A change in partner needs careful consideration – find out more about the potential benefits and pitfalls and how to manage your practice through a change.

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Practice mergers: the financial implications

Hear from Bob Senior, Head of Medical Services at Baker Tilly, about the financial implications of practice mergers.

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General practice mergers: the legal issues

Find out how you can prepare yourself for the potential legal issues which might arise.

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The importance of Partnership Agreements

Find out about the importance of having a written and up-to-date Partnership Agreement, and where to find support.

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