Your sustainable journey

Taking your first step on your journey to becoming a more sustainable business can be challenging, but the rewards are great. Reducing your environmental impact can ultimately help you reduce costs, improve your reputation, retain staff, and even boost your bottom line.

Top barriers to action for SMEs

39% - Insufficient budget/high cost/low return on investment
36% - difficult to reduce emissions outside own operations
30% - hard to measure environmental impact

We have drawn together the essential information for businesses getting started on their journey to Net Zero. Whether you need to understand what sustainability means for your business, or how to re-engineer your business for a sustainable future, we can help you get underway.


What sustainability changes are right for your business?

It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what sustainability changes are right for your business. Examining the various areas of your business allows you to more accurately assess them against sustainable best practice and identify what opportunities are available and what changes -big or small- you’d like to implement. This is where a sustainability audit comes in.

Clean growth sustainability audit guide


Sustainability Voices: Valuable Insights & Expert Opinion

Our Sustainability Voices video series features experts and customers discussing the opportunities and challenges facing you and your organisation’s journey to Net Zero.

Watch all episodes now


Taking the first step

This practical sustainability guide pulls together handy hints and best practice from expert sources across four main areas of sustainability – energy, transport, emissions, waste and water.

The tips range from simple – but often overlooked - ideas to more creative ways to go green. Download our sustainability guide and take a look to see which changes might be the right fit for your company,

Sustainability - a practical guide for businesses 

Short-term wins and employee engagement

Many businesses have already taken decisive steps towards sustainability and Net Zero, aiming for quick wins and seeking to engage staff in a sustainable culture. If you are at this stage, it is likely that the initiatives you are implementing are aimed at achieving rapid commercial gains through cost savings and quick reductions in carbon footprint.

How Lloyds Bank can help

Accredited Relationship Managers

Our Relationship Managers are trained in partnership with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Read about our CISL accreditation

Improving sustainability in your supply chain

Making sustainability a major target as you improve sustainability in your supply chain is one of the biggest steps on your journey to Net Zero.

Sustainability in your supply chain

Ready to take the next steps on your sustainability journey?

Ready to take the next steps on your sustainability journey?

Read about how you can plan your transition to Net Zero

Transitioning to Net Zero

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