SEPA Direct Debit

The SEPA Direct Debit scheme is designed to create a single, convenient and efficient way to accept and make direct debit payments in Euros throughout the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) community.

It can help reduce operational costs, simplify processing and strengthen cash management forecasting as well as improve access for UK businesses to European markets by removing barriers to collections. For the first time, businesses are able to collect funds from debtors using a consistent Europe-wide system and through a single bank account.

There are two schemes to choose from:

Core SEPA Direct Debit scheme

  • For transactions between businesses and their consumer or business customers.
  • Can be used for single or recurring collections.

Business to Business SEPA Direct Debit scheme

  • Restricted to transactions between businesses, which are non-micro-enterprises.
  • Responds to the specific needs of the business community with shorter timelines.
  • Can be used for single or recurrent collections.

The SEPA Direct Debit scheme is available to Lloyds Bank customers. To find out if this solution can help your business, contact your relationship manager.


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