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Manufacturing Article Hub

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Automotive Report

Manufacturers in the automotive sector are looking to create new growth opportunities and significantly boost their investment in R&D, according to our latest research.

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The Future of UK and Europe

Our client briefing document offers factual information on the mechanical and technical aspects of leaving the EU and helps business planning.

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Working Capital Index

Working Capital Index

The Lloyds Bank Working Capital Index is a unique barometer of the working capital pressures on British businesses.

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Productivity Report

Read our latest report on productivity in Britain.

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Oil & Gas Report

The annual oil and gas sector report polls businesses across the industry painting a detailed picture on the key challenges facing this sector.

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MHA Manufacturing and Engineering Annual Report 2017/18

Drawing on national and regional insight from over 450 clients and contacts, the findings of the MHA Report identifies opportunities and concerns facing UK manufacturing and engineering businesses. View the findings, trends and forecasts in the MHA's report.

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