Transitioning to Net Zero

The journey to Net Zero is a long one. Stretching years or decades into the future, the transition of our economy to a sustainable footing will be the most momentous change in business and industry of our generation.

Achieving Net Zero offers opportunities for investment, innovation, job creation and earnings. Two-thirds of SMEs view the move to a green economy, not just as a challenge to be met, but as a positive opportunity for growth.


From Now to Net Zero: a Practical Guide for SMEs

To deepen our understanding of how we can best support you on your journey to Net Zero, we've surveyed more than 1,000 SME businesses, undertaken in-depth interviews and focus groups with expert commentary, and held follow-up conversations with our customers about where they are on their journey, and what Net Zero means for them.

From Now to Net Zero: a Practical Guide for SMEs


Climate Call to Action: Research Report

Following an in-depth survey of over 1,000 UK businesses, 96% of which were SMEs, we launched a new report in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce. It reveals the challenges facing SMEs on their journey to Net Zero and outlines recommendations for key stakeholders that have a role to play in supporting SMEs.

Read the report (PDF, 3.27MB)

Measure, mobilise, monitor

Measuring and assessing your current environmental impact and putting in place a system to monitor progress is the most fundamental driver of long term sustained change in the journey to Net Zero:

  • Measure your carbon footprint.
  • Use those insights to mobilise your plan - which often involves setting targets and deadlines.
  • Monitor your impact going forward.

Identify energy-efficient investments in your buildings:


Green Buildings Tool

Our Green Buildings Tool enables you to identify, evaluate and understand your property to make it more sustainable and energy efficient.

  • Analyse energy saving initiatives that affect the energy performance certificate (EPC) rating which would reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reveals initiatives/properties that offer the best return on investment with regards to CO2 reduction

Green Buildings Tool

Mobilise your sustainability plan:


Financing for use on specific green purposes

You can access discounted lending for green purposes through our Clean Growth Financing Initiative. Funding from Lloyds Bank can support a broad range of investments in sustainable business - from small improvements in environmental impact, right through to large scale renewable energy infrastructure.

Clean Growth Financing Initiative 


Setting a strategy: the 1.5C business playbook

Focusing on simplicity and speed, the 1.5C business playbook helps organisations set a 1.5C aligned strategy and move to action.

Setting a strategy: the 1.5C business playbook

Navigating the road ahead

Once you've made a commitment to Net Zero, have a clear road map, and established clear targets under measuring and monitoring progress, you are well on your way to achieving Net Zero.

With all these elements in place, progress will have developed a momentum of its own. As well as knowing that your business is playing its role in the national and global journey to Net Zero, the commercial benefits are likely to be increasingly obvious. You may well have a reputation in your community or sector as a sustainability leader. Environmentally concerned consumers are attracted to your products and services, and other organisations in your sector up and down the supply chain are eager to partner with you.

Stay informed - Economics & Markets Insights

Stay connected to the latest developments through experts who provide a range of economic reports, market intelligence, considered views and intelligent forecasts.

Visit Economics & Market Insights

Sixth Carbon Budget - Climate Change Committee

Find out more about the projected transition pathway for your specific sector in the Sixth Carbon Budget.

Climate Change Committee's website

SME Climate Hub

We’re here to help you deliver on your sustainability goals. Visit the SME Climate Hub to access a wide range of resources, insights and guidance

Visit the SME Climate Hub

Ready to become a hero of Net Zero?

Ready to become a hero of Net Zero?

Read about some of our clients who are industry leaders in their commitment to their sustainability transition.

Heroes of Net Zero

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