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Turnover less than £3 million

For Terms and Conditions relating to all business accounts, the following brochures apply:

Turnover between £3 million and £25 million

Turnover less than £3 million

Turnover between £3 million and £25 million

Invoice Finance operating conditions

Definition of terms used in Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance's operating conditions and details of the agreement provisions for our services.

Part I - Definitions (PDF)

Part II - Provisions relating to all clients (PDF)

Part III - Provisions relating to Invoice Discounting clients only (PDF)

Part IV - Provisions relating to Factoring clients only (PDF)

Part V - Provisions relating to a contingent liability facility (PDF)

Part VI - Provisions relating to export and currency facility only (PDF)

Part X - Debtor Protection conditions (PDF)

Please note: these operating conditions do not apply to you if you manage your Invoice Discounting or Factoring facility through the Invoice Finance Online system. The operating conditions applicable to users of Invoice Finance Online are available once you have Logged On to Invoice Finance Online and have also been provided to you separately.