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Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme

Helping people to setup their social businesses, addressing social issues at the heart of their communities.

Helping Communities Prosper

Launched in April 2012, the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme is run in partnership with School for Social Entrepreneurs. The programme provides both financial support (grants up to £10,000) and access to a comprehensive learning support programme including a business mentoring scheme.

The programme, which is jointly funded by The Big Lottery Fund, has supported more than 1,300 social entrepreneurs to Start and Scale innovative social organisations across the UK, creating 7,000 jobs and reaching over 1m beneficiaries.

Start Up, Trade Up or Scale Up

The programme is unique in its scale and approach. It empowers social entrepreneurs to take the lead by using innovative teaching at schools across the UK. Our partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and The Big Lottery will support 2,350 social enterprises by 2020.

  • Supported over 1,300 social entrepreneurs
  • Benefitted over 1.1 million people in local communities
  • Helped create over 7,000 jobs