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Internet fraud protection

Keep safe when shopping online with your Lloyds Bank credit card

Safe shopping online

Shopping safely on the internet can be challenging, even to experienced online shoppers. To address any concerns you might have about purchasing items on the internet, we’ve put together some helpful tips to guide you through your online shopping experience and ensure that it is both safe and secure.

Internet shopping tips

With Lloyds Bank you have the confidence that shopping on the internet is as safe and easy as shopping on the high street. You can help ensure this with a few simple things to remember.

Before you buy online, make sure the site you are on is reputable and that the site is secure before entering any payment details. If you’d like some help to guide you through your online shopping experience, take a look at our tips for using a credit card online.

Whenever you buy goods or services online with participating retailers, Lloyds Bank ClickSafe® will give you extra protection against card crime.

Whenever you use your Lloyds Bank credit or debit card to shop online, make sure:

  • you take reasonable measures to protect your card,
  • the card number is not being used by someone who has these details with the consent of either yourself or any additional cardholder,
  • you or any additional cardholders don’t allow anybody to access your account or your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

We want you to know you're in safe hands when you shop online with your Lloyds Bank credit or debit card.

Useful phone numbers

These line are available 24/7.