Top budgeting tips

How to budget better

Explore our range of budgeting tips and tools. These could give you a clearer view of your essential bills and other spending.

Managing your money well today, could make things more comfortable tomorrow, so don’t wait to get started.

Watch our video on day-to-day budgeting

Budgeting tips and tools

Manage your bills

Setting up accounts for different purposes could help you see how much money you have left over after bills. You could have one account for household bills and another for everyday spending. We know that managing bills can be stressful, but with some tips and tools, we can help you gain control of your payments.

How to manage your bills

Use our budget calculator

Get a full overview of your income and spending to help you manage your money better. Fill out details of payments received, the savings you hold, and any amounts going out to build a clearer picture of your finances.

Budget calculator

Spread the cost

Large costs can be difficult to pay in one go. It might be better to see if you can spread the cost with regular, smaller payments instead. See if you can pay monthly by Direct Debit for things like car insurance, or your TV licence fee, which can make them easier to manage.

Paying by Direct Debit

Build a savings habit

Whether you're new to saving or looking for easier ways to save, we can help. We’ve got some helpful saving hints and tips to help you reach your goals, reduce spending and develop some new saving habits along the way.

View our savings hints and tips

Calculate your take home pay

Assist your budgeting by using the MoneySavingExpert income tax calculator. Find out how much income you keep and how much tax you pay.

Take home pay calculator

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Benefits calculator

You could be entitled to claim benefits if you’re caring for someone, out of work or on a low income.

Find out what benefits you could access with this free benefits calculator, including heating, housing and other living costs.

Turn2us benefits calculator

Managing your money online or in our app

Understanding where your money goes is an important part of budgeting. We have lots of tools available in Internet Banking or on our Mobile banking app that can help you. The following shows how you can access these tools and stay in control of your money.


Use our spending insights tool

See a breakdown of where your money goes every month. View your current account spending in categories so you can spot the patterns and see where you might be able to make some savings.

Spending insights

Track your money with app notifications

Stay on top of your regular payments and spending limits by selecting which app notifications you’d like to receive.

Setting up notifications

Regularly check your monthly outgoings

Dedicate some time every month to view your recipients and cancel any Direct Debits or standing orders you no longer need.

Managing regular payments

Keep on top of your upcoming payments

View your upcoming payments regularly to see how much you have left until payday.

Viewing upcoming payments

Review your subscription payments

It’s easy to lose track of your regular subscriptions, that’s why it’s important to check, cancel or block subscription payments you no longer use.

Managing subscription payments

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Managing your money

Our tips and tools can help you manage your bills, budget, save and feel better about your finances.

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Managing your money

Our tips and tools can help you manage your bills, budget, save and feel better about your finances.

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