Changing the names on your mortgage account

If you change your name, such as after a marriage or divorce, it’s easy to update the names on your mortgage. Either visit your local branch, or write to us at:

Lloyds Bank,

Barnett Way



We’ll need to see documents as proof of the name change, such as a marriage certificate or Change of Name Deed, so please include them when you write to us or bring them with you when you visit us in branch.

Adding or removing a person named on your mortgage account

If you find that you need to add a name to or remove one from your mortgage account, you’ll need to apply for a remortgage. You may want to do this if you want to change a mortgage from a single name to joint names, or vice versa.  

If we approve the remortgage request, we’ll update your account to show the names of the new property owners. You may be charged fees for the remortgage, and as this is a legal process you will also need to speak to a solicitor.

You can ask to change the names on a mortgage over the phone or in branch. One of our advisers will talk to you about your new needs and will check that all parties to be named on the new account can afford the mortgage payments. Once we’ve found out about your new situation, we’ll be able to suggest your most suitable mortgage options.

If you need to update your mortgage account after losing a loved one

If you need to remove a person named on your mortgage account because you’ve recently lost a loved one, our specially trained advisers can help you. Find out more about how we can help after a bereavement.