Using Internet Banking


Your online statement makes it easy to stay organised and get a clear picture of your balance. Select ‘view statement’ on the relevant account from your homepage to see your current balance, available funds and transaction history.

By clicking on a transaction, you can see where, how and when it was made. You can also see pending card transactions and paid-in cheques being processed, or search for a transaction from several years ago.

View more details

It’s easy to forget what you have spent and where. To help you remember, select any transaction to see useful information such as the type of shop, location and how you made the payment.

We explain what each transaction means.

If you don’t recognise the transaction, or need more support, just select ‘I need more help to identify a transaction’.


Get a clearer picture of your balance

Life is full of surprises, but how much is coming out of your account shouldn’t be one of them.

To keep on top of things, regularly use ‘View pending transactions’ to reveal any paid-in cheques being processed and recent card transactions that haven’t yet been taken from your account balance. Please note, to help you manage your money, pending card transactions are deducted from your ‘available funds’ – a figure which includes any planned overdraft. Pending transactions will also show some contactless transactions, although most contactless transactions will appear directly on your statement within a few days.


Search your statement history

Your transactions are organised into monthly statements so you can easily find the date range you’re looking for. If you’re trying to find a particular transaction, click on ‘Search your statement’ to find transactions within a 3-month period. You can search by date, description, amount or the type of transaction.

Get copies of your statement

In case you ever need a copy of your statement, you can export, print and order a paper statement at the bottom of the page.