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Mobile Branches

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We understand that it's not always easy for you to get to a Lloyds Bank branch.

That’s why we have a mobile branch service that travels to a number of locations helping our customers to do their banking in some of our rural communities.

Customers can use this service for many of their everyday banking needs.

Please note:

Some services are unavailable via the mobile branch, such as opening accounts and some are subject to WiFi coverage.

What you can do

  • Account Enquiries
  • Cash/Cheque Deposits1
  • Cash Withdrawals2
  • Send money outside the UK or in a foreign currency
  • Pay Bills

1Cash daily deposit limit of max £5000. Maximum 10 bags of coins (can include partial bags of non-mixed coins). There is no limit on cheque deposits however a fair usage approach will be adopted.

2Cash withdrawal subject to a daily limit of £300 (or £1000 if pre-ordered 48 hours before).

Account Servicing

  • Immediate Faster Payments
  • Internal Transfers
  • Manage SMS Alerts
  • Manage Standing Orders & Direct Debits
  • Request Copy Statements

Other services available

  • Credit Card activation and balance transfers
  • Order Foreign Currency
  • Reactivate ISAs