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UK Consumer Digital Index 2019

The Lloyds Bank UK 2019 Consumer Digital Index uses the behavioural data of 1m people to create the UKs largest measure of digital capability. This year it also includes the first measure of UK Essential Digital Skills for life and work. Findings from the report inform international and UK policymakers, large corporates and the third sector as all groups work to close the digital divide.

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Read the 2019 UK Consumer Digital Index report for full details.

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Key findings

Digital Britain

Overall there are more people online than ever, but 37% of the UK are still at risk of being left behind. By 2030, it is forecast that 4.5 million (8%) of UK adults will remain ‘Digitally Disengaged’.

Call to action - Face the fears

Without a dedicated drive to increase demand for digital skills in the UK, and better equipping people to face into their fears, we will not move the UK forward.

The Digitally Disadvantaged

11.9m people (22%) do not have the Essential Digital Skills needed for day-to-day life in the UK. Cybersecurity concerns underpin ‘motivational barrier’ and socio-economic factors influence digital behaviours.

Call to action - Democratise digital

With digital skills now categorised as essential, we must ensure that everyone has the same chances to gain adequate access to the extraordinary benefits of the internet.

Skills in the Workforce

More than half of UK employees (53%) do not have the digital skills needed for work. 54% of the population uses the Internet to work, a 15% increase since 2018 (47%).

Call to action - Leverage the levy

Leveraging the Apprenticeship Levy can enable organisations to attract and retain talent by offering workplace Digital and Technology Apprenticeship qualifications to people aged 16 and above.

Importance of the 2019 Consumer Digital Index

Hear from Margot James, Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport as she reflects on the importance of the Index over the years and how it is supporting government and their digital strategy across the various regions in the UK. Margot also highlights the importance of creating a workforce that is empowered by technology and how we can bring together partners to give everyone the confidence and opportunities to make use of digital and technology.

Created in collaboration with over 400 cross-sector organisations, the new Essential Digital Skills framework reflects the skills needed to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world of today and the future.

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Regional and national findings and case studies

The Consumer Digital Index key findings are provided at a regional and national level as well as local case studies.

Tools and resources - what can you do to make a difference

Links to useful tools, reports and resources to help action key findings.

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