UK Consumer Digital Index 2020

Over the last five years, the Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index has used the behavioural data of 1 million people and interviewed almost 7,000 consumers, to create the UK’s largest measure of digital capability. This year finds that an estimated 7% of the UK population are still offline and 9 million struggle to get online by themselves. As the report launches on 21st May 2020, the effects of Covid-19 on the digitisation of the UK society are also explored within the findings.

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Key findings

Digital skills are a lifeline

Digital skills can be a lifeline for people and are even more likely to be at this moment in time.

For people with high digital engagement, they are significant lifestyle and well-being benefits.

  • 87% say it helps them to connect better with friends and family
  • 84% say it helps them to organise their life
  • 55% say it makes them feel more part of a community
  • 44% say it helps them to manage physical and mental well-being

Motivation remains a key barrier

Motivation is one of the key barriers to doing more online – over one-third of those offline say the Internet ‘doesn’t interest me’ and 48% of the digitally excluded say ‘nothing’ could motivate them to get online.

Age is still a determining factor

Age remains the biggest indicator of whether an individual is online. At a crucial time, time when digital can turn isolation into inclusion, the behavioural data shows that only 7% of over 70s are likely to have the capability to shop and manage their money online. In fact, 77% of this age group have Very Low digital engagement.

Essential Digital Skills Interactive Data Tables

For the first time, in response to reader requests, a wider set of EDS data from 2019 and 2020 is now available online, which can be split by several demographics.

Explore the interactive data tables

To learn more about the Essential Digital Skills framework, this short video explains the EDS measure in more detail and the positive impact on people’s lives if they are digitally enabled.

Essential Digital Skills  Interactive Data Tables

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