To close your credit card account

Things to know before you close your account

•Once your credit card is closed, we can’t reopen your account. You and any additional cardholder can no longer make transactions.

•Until you’ve paid off everything you owe, your agreement continues with us.

•Once your balance is paid in full, your account will then show as closed with the credit reference agencies. This usually takes around 60 days from when your balance reaches zero.

•If you have another Lloyds Bank credit card, you must wait four months before you can apply for a second card. You may have to wait longer if there is a balance outstanding on the closed card.

•If you receive online statements for this account, make sure you save or print copies beforehand. You won’t be able to access these, once your account details are no longer visible online.

Steps to take

We’ll guide you through it.

1.Log on and select Support.

2.Select Message us to start.

3.Type close credit card and answer our questions to complete the process.

Getting started online

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Mobile Banking app

Join our 8 million app users.

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  • Stay up to date with notification.
  • Message us online.

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Let’s look at the details

  • •You’ll need to keep making your payments until it’s paid off.

    •If a Direct Debit is in place on your closed account, we’ll still collect any payments that are due. If you do have a Direct Debit, please do not cancel it.

    •If you want to pay your full outstanding balance, there may be residual interest.

    •We won’t increase your interest rates on any outstanding balance, so you can repay at your existing rates.

    •If the account is in credit, you can message us in the app or call us for a refund.

  • •If you’re registered for Internet Banking, you’ll be able to view your account details for up to four months. This could be longer if there is a balance on the account.

    •You’ll need to destroy your credit cards and any PINs, including those belonging to other cardholders.

    •You may have regular payments set up on your card. If so, please contact the company to arrange for them to be paid from another card or account.

    •If you’ve added your card to a mobile device - like a smartphone or online wallet, remember to remove it.

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