Seven ways to help keep your home safe from burglars

What you see as your safe haven, others might view as an opportunity. Scroll through our list to discover how burglars take another view of people’s homes, and learn how to make yours more secure.

1. Don’t leave keys in doors or windows, within easy reach of burglars. This goes for car keys too - you don’t want your house broken into and to supply the getaway vehicle as well.

2. Locks are often the first thing burglars check, so make sure everyone in your home uses them. An unlocked door is just making things easier for an opportunist burglar.

3. An open gate is an invitation. Whether they’re at the side, front or back, make sure you secure all gates around your property.

4. Ladders stored outside and unlocked sheds filled with tools offer easy ways to break into your home. Clutter-free gardens and locked sheds are great deterrents.

5. Don’t skimp on your alarm. Determined burglars usually know which ones to avoid. Invest in a quality alarm, fitted properly and tested regularly. If you need extra peace of mind, some alarms feature cameras for remote viewing.

6. Don’t leave valuables on display. Place everything you want to keep safe out of sight. Use a safe or even just hide valuables in your loft. Burglars don’t want to spend longer in your house than they need to.

7. Social media offers a window into your world, one that burglars can peer through to see if you’re away. Wait until you’re home before sharing your holiday pics with friends and followers.

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