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Our Home Emergency cover

For just £52.08 per year or £4.34 per month, it protects you against the cost of repairs, which might not normally be covered by your home insurance. 

This cover is provided by Allianz Assistance. Home emergency cover is underwritten by AWP P&C SA and administered by AWP Assistance UK Ltd trading as Allianz Assistance. 

Our policy documents tell you more about what is and isn't covered. Keep in mind that with all of our cover, there are limits, terms and exclusions. Read the policy documents (PDF 148kb).

Extra help in a home emergency

Home Emergency cover can help give you peace of mind knowing that when things go wrong, you can get back to normal quickly. It's meant for emergencies that:

  • Make your home unsafe or insecure for you and your family.
  • Cause damage to your home and its contents.
  • Result in your home losing its main source of heat, light or water.

24 hour home emergency helpline

Need help fast? You'll have access to a 24 hour helpline. They can help arrange for a tradesperson to come to your home and carry out repairs up to a value of £1,000 per emergency. It covers things like:

  • Total failure of the electricity supply in your home.
  • Loss of heating or hot water due to the failure of your boiler or main heating system.
  • Repairs to make the roof of your home watertight during wet weather. This may be a temporary repair to prevent further damage.

This policy doesn't cover day to day maintenance. It doesn't include cover for domestic appliance breakdown or routine service checks. Keep in mind, if you have an Ultimate Reward Current Account you'll already have home emergency cover. For full terms and to find out what is and is not covered, please see our policy booklet.

What is Home Emergency cover?

Home Emergency cover is there to cover the costs of sudden damage or breakages that cannot wait. So, if a broken-down boiler means your house doesn't feel like home, you can get it fixed without being out of pocket yourself.

It covers costs like call-out fees and repair bills. You'll also get access to a 24/7 helpline so you can arrange for an approved tradesperson to get it sorted, fast.

Home Emergency cover can help you deal with emergencies like:

  • Burst pipes.
  • Electrical failures.
  • Boiler breakdown.
  • Plumbing and drainage issues.

Make sure you contact us before getting any repairs done. Hold on to receipts or invoices from a tradesperson, as you'll need these to support your claim.


What does Home Emergency cover include?

Your home is your castle, and you'll want to know it is safe and secure. There are plenty of events that would need repairs done quickly.

Common home emergencies include:

  • Breakdowns affecting heating and hot water, or electricity.
  • Plumbing issues or drain problems.
  • Sudden roof damage that means it is no longer watertight.
  • Broken locks, windows or doors.
  • Pest problems like those caused by insects or mice.


What is not covered by Home Emergency cover?

Home Emergency cover doesn't cover normal day-to-day property maintenance such as attention to items which tend to gradually wear over a period of time, or need periodic attention, for example the de-scaling of central heating pipes or replacement of taps and cistern washers. Home Emergency cover aims to provide rapid, expert help if you suffer an emergency arising from an incident covered under the policy.

So if a pipe bursts, you'd claim for the repairs to the pipe on Home Emergency cover. You'd claim for any water damage from the leak on your home insurance.

Anything that is not classed as an ‘emergency’ wouldn't be covered. Home Emergency cover doesn't include:

  • An emergency related to an issue you knew about before your policy’s start date.
  • Damage that is done with routine maintenance of equipment, suppliers or services.
  • Emergencies that happen while you have left your house empty for more than 60 days in a row.

Damage like damp, dry mould or wear and tear is also not covered. Check our policy booklet for more details.


Do I need Home Emergency cover?

If your boiler suddenly breaks or there is a burst pipe, you'll want to fix it as soon as possible. Home Emergency cover can offer peace of mind that you won't be out of pocket for repairs that cannot wait.

No heating and hot water in winter may need fixing straightaway. If the approved tradesperson confirms that your boiler is beyond economical repair, you could claim up to £500 in total toward the cost of a replacement boiler. You'd have to provide evidence that your boiler had been replaced before any payment was made.


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Home Emergency cover: FAQs


Do I need Home Emergency cover if I am a tenant?

You won't need this type of cover if you are renting. It's up to your landlord to arrange Home Emergency cover.

Does Home Emergency cover include boilers?

Yes, boilers are covered. There needs to be a complete failure or breakdown and you'd need to show that your boiler has been serviced within the last 24 months. Claims raised as a result of wear and tear are not covered.

What counts as an 'emergency'?

Emergencies are sudden and unforeseen domestic situations which, if not dealt with quickly, will: 

  • make your home unsafe or insecure, like a broken lock or door
  • damage, or cause further damage to your home or its contents. For example, if your roof is no longer watertight
  • result in your home losing its main source of  heating, lighting or water. Such as the complete failure of your electricity supply.