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Ever wondered how energy efficient your home is or need tips and suggestion on where improvements can be made?  Then our Eco Home Tool can help.

Eco Home tool

Funding Eco Home Improvements

Our borrowing options that can help you on your way to creating the energy efficient home you've always dreamed of.

Borrowing options

Go green at home

How to get money off or free home improvements

Want to make your house energy efficient but need money to get started? Ask the government or your energy supplier for help.

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Are you eligible for help with your winter energy bills?

Struggling to keep your home warm in winter? You may be able to apply for one of these government schemes…

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Ways to help your kitchen be eco-friendly

Did you know your kitchen is the greatest source of energy consumption in your entire home?  Here’s some ideas to help make your kitchen more eco-friendly?

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10 ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home

Fancy saving a few pennies on your heating bills? You’ll be surprised how simple it could be. 

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9 ways to save money heating your home

You won't believe how simple it can be to lower your heating bills, use these tips to get started... 

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Being climate conscious 

How is the government committed to fighting carbon emissions?

Reducing carbon emissions is a key priority for the government in the fight against climate change.

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What is climate change?

The average temperature on earth is changing. But what’s causing it? And what does it mean for us?

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10 ways to be sustainable in day to day life

Sustainability is something we are all responsible for and something we all benefit from. Not only in the long run, by ensuring that we have a healthy, thriving planet, but also by saving ourselves money.

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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) explained

How to get an EPC for your property

Before you can sell or rent out your home, you’ll need an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). Here’s how to get one…

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What is an EPC rating?

An EPC rating, or Energy Performance Certificate rating, gives you a general idea of how energy-efficient your property is. Here’s what you need to know.

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Green Jargon Busters

We get it. You want to make your home more energy efficient, but you want the whole thing to be simple. The good news is it can be. Let’s start by breaking down some of the energy saving jargon…

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