Click to Pay with Visa

Make your online checkout quicker with Visa Click to Pay.

What is Click to Pay?

Click to Pay securely stores your payment and address details. This saves you the hassle of putting in your details every time you buy something online, using your Visa debit card.

  • Easy – you won’t need to keep retyping in payment details. Helpful if you don’t have your card to hand.
  • Smart – set it up once to save time checking out when you see the Click to Pay logo. Simply choose ‘remember me’ and ‘trust this device’ on your trusted devices.
  • Secure – protected against unauthorised card use, by Visa’s advanced technologies and payment security, giving you confidence when shopping online.

Once you’re set up you can use Visa Click to Pay wherever you see the Click to Pay log

Paying for things online can be quick and easy.

But having to input your personal and payment details each time you checkout on different websites can be time consuming. 

Especially if you don’t have your card to hand. 

Now, there’s an easier way. Click to Pay means you can checkout in just a few clicks. 

Instead of having to type your payment details every time, just tap Click to Pay and your details are automatically pre-populated securely, protected by Visa’s payment security. 

So you can pay for your online purchase with fewer clicks – and get on with your day. 

It’s easy to set up Click to Pay in your Mobile Banking app. 

Logon and search for Click to Pay. There’s a step-by-step guide to help at the bottom of this page.  

The next time you’re paying for something online and see Click to Pay, choose this option for an easier and secure checkout.

The first time you use Click to Pay, we’ll verify that it’s really you either by device authentication or by sending you a unique code. 

You can tap ‘Remember me’ on trusted devices to skip this step in future. 

That’s it. You can now use Click to Pay wherever you see the Click to Pay logo when using your Visa debit card. 

Look out for more retailers adding Click to Pay to their websites. 

Easy, smart and secure. Making it easy, smart and secure to checkout online. 

To set up your card, you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over.
  • Have only one active debit card which isn’t already set up for Click to Pay. If you have more than one debit card, the Click to Pay feature will not be visible in the app. This feature is currently not available on credit cards.
  • Have an active email address and mobile phone number registered with us.
  • Have access to our Mobile Banking app.
  • You can also register for Click to Pay when checking out online if the Click to Pay icon is displayed.

How to set up your card for Click to Pay

1. Log on

Log on to the Mobile Banking app, then choose ‘Manage card’ on the bottom right of the app. Or type into the search bar ‘Click to Pay’.

2. Select ‘Click to Pay’

Select ‘Click to Pay’ and then choose ‘Yes’ when asked. This means we can show you Click to Pay information

3. What is Click to Pay?

Choose ‘What is Click to Pay’ to find out more detail about Click to Pay.

4. Confirm your details

Check your details are correct and confirm that you understand Visa’s Privacy Notice. If you need to update anything, you can do this in your profile settings.

Confirm you’ve also read and understood the Terms of Service by selecting the box. You can read the Terms of Service by selecting the bold text.

5. All done

That's it - you have now set up Click to Pay. Your card details are now with Visa. Look out for a welcome email from Visa.

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