Goodbye passwords. Hello biometric logon.

  • Simple to set up on a compatible device.
  • Your fingerprint and face is unique to you.
  • Quick and secure authentication.

How to set up biometrics

  • Fingerprint

    1. Make sure Android Fingerprint is set up on your phone. You'll also need to have a passcode or screen lock.
    2. Log on to our app and select the Profile icon in top right-hand corner of screen. 
    3. Select Settings, then Fingerprint logon and toggle to turn on.
    4. Follow the steps on screen.

Face ID or Touch ID

  1. In your device Settings, make sure you've registered your face in the Face ID & Passcode section or your fingerprint in the Touch ID & Passcode section.
  2. Log on to our app and select the Profile icon in top right-hand corner of screen. 
  3. Select Settings, then Face ID or Touch ID and toggle to turn on.
  4. Follow the steps on screen.

Biometrics explained

  • Biometric authentication is a secure and convenient way for you to access our app.

    It uses unique biological traits, such as your fingerprint or face to verify your identity, instead of your User ID and password. 

    This means that only you can access your account, keeping your information safe and secure.

  • Touch ID is Apple’s solution to allow people to unlock their device or use certain apps by authenticating with their fingerprint.

    Android fingerprint is the equivalent on Android devices.

    Fingerprint authentication is available in our app, so you can log on quickly using just your fingerprint instead of three characters from your memorable information.

    Our app will verify that your fingerprint used to log on matches a fingerprint registered on your device. If there are no fingerprints registered, then fingerprint authentication won’t be available.

  • Face ID is Apple’s solution for iPhone X series or later models and some recent iPads to allow people to unlock their device or use certain apps by authenticating with their face, by using a detailed depth map of your face. If you’ve already set up Face ID, you’ll be able to use it to log on to our app.

    If you haven’t set up Face ID, or you select not to use it, you’ll be asked for three characters from your memorable information instead.

  • Yes, it’s important that you don’t forget your Internet Banking password and memorable information. There may be times when your device can't properly read your face or fingerprint, for example, if your finger is wet. After three unsuccessful attempts, you’ll need to use your memorable information. You may still be asked to enter your Internet Banking password from time to time.

  • Touch ID needs at least iPhone 5s running iOS 10.0 or above or iPad (5th generation), iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 (or later models). More information about Touch ID.

    Face ID needs either iPhone X or later models, or iPad Pro with Face ID capability (2018 onwards). More information about Face ID.

    Fingerprint Logon needs a compatible mobile running Android 6.0 or higher and may not work on some tablets.

  • No. Do not turn on biometrics if anyone else has their face or fingerprint registered on your device. 

Banking online

More and more people are banking with us online. See what you can do in our app or on our website.

What you can do online

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