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Transfer your pensions

Do you have more than one pension? Combine them into one plan with Scottish Widows and make them easier to manage.

Why should you transfer your pensions?

Most people end up with more than one pension. Bringing your pensions into one place makes life simpler and might even save you money. Find out if transferring your pensions is right for you.

  • Keep track - Understanding how much your pension is worth is as simple as checking your bank account. And having all your pensions in one place means you won’t lose track of where they are.
  • Save money - With all your pension savings in one place you might pay less in overall charges and fees.
  • Plan for the future - See the total value of your pension savings at a glance. It'll help you understand if you’re on course for the retirement you want.
Transfer your pensions

How to transfer your pension

Scottish Widows are the pensions experts within our Group. Don’t have an existing pension with them? No problem. You can take out a new Retirement Account as part of the application.

Know your options

Scottish Widows will help you understand whether you can transfer and if it’s right for you.


Applying online is easy. You’ll need to give Scottish Widows the details of the pensions you’d like to transfer.

Leave it with us

Scottish Widows will do the rest. They’ll keep you updated along the way. It should take about four weeks.


Transfer your pensions

Because this service doesn’t include financial advice, you’re responsible for finding out if your pensions have valuable benefits you could lose. Scottish Widows can show you information that will help narrow down your choices, but they won’t tell you what to do or which option to take. The decision is yours. If you’re not sure, talk to a financial adviser.

Tools and resources

Handy Tool - if you’re approaching retirement, review your pension options with our pensions provider Scottish Widows and see how you could benefit

Pensions calculator

Wealth Management service – if you feel that you’d benefit from some financial advice to plan your retirement, we can help.

Wealth management

Looking for further help?

Visit the Money Advice Service website for more information. You might want to talk to a financial adviser. Find one near you.

The Government are offering free guidance on your options online, by phone or face to face from Pension Wise.

Important legal information

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