Home Emergency Cover

Giving Premier Account customers the security of being protected with a 24-hour call-out service in case of a home emergency

About Home Emergency Cover

What is Home Emergency Cover?

Home Emergency Cover protects you against the costs and inconvenience of unexpected home emergencies. This includes cover for the big things like damage to your roof and your primary heating system, as well as smaller (but no less important) things like broken windows. The provider will arrange for approved trades people to come to you and deal with your home emergencies.

Call in an emergency

If you’re a Premier account holder and you have a home emergency, you can call on: 0345 070 0524

Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call if your home or health and safety are at risk in a home emergency, and the provider will send someone.

  • Things that are typically covered (classed as an emergency):

    • A blocked or overflowing drain.
    • All your electrics tripping in your home so you’re continually resetting the fuse board to maintain the electrical supply.
    • Cracked or smashed window(s) making your home insecure.
    • A sudden and uncontainable leak from a water pipe.
    • A toilet that isn’t flushing or it’s blocked and there are no other accessible toilets in your home.
    • Boiler repairs where you have no heat and/or hot water.
    • Any emergency arising from circumstances that you were aware of before the start of the cover.
    • If you, or someone else, has tried to make a repair, but has only made matters worse, you won’t be covered for any extra costs you may face. Our advice is always to call the experts first.
    • Dripping taps, showers or leaks from pipes that are easily containable.
    • A blocked toilet if it is not the only toilet in the home.
    • A front door won’t unlock but it’s secure and you can get in to your home through another door.
    • If you have a partial electrical failure e.g. one light fitting, or several power sockets.

Important legal information

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