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Payments and transactions

  • There are several reasons why your card or transaction may have been declined. See all the possible explanations, which may help you resolve it quickly.

    Help with your card

  • There are a number of possible reasons why your payment has not been sent. These could be:

    You've exceeded payment limit

    There is a maximum daily limit applied to all electronic payments. Find out more about payment limits.

    Beneficiary hasn't received the funds 

    If you’ve sent money to a person or a company and they haven’t received it, firstly check that their sort code and account details you used are correct. If you’re sending money to a company then they usually require a reference to be able to match it to you. 

    Please check that the reference you entered is correct, e.g. for a credit card this will be the 16 Digit account number. You can check this in Internet Banking, or in the Mobile Banking app.


  • If you’ve sent a payment in error, we’ll try to retrieve the money but will do so on a best endeavour basis only.

    You should check your account in the first example to see if the money has been returned. If it has, you can resend the payment with the right details.

    If it hasn’t and you know the recipient, the easiest and quickest way to get your money back is to contact them directly.

  • When you use your card and the retailer tells us about the transaction, we’ll take this from the money you have to spend. Sometimes the retailer doesn’t let us know straight away, this means we can’t always deduct the transaction from your available money until we receive it.

    These transactions may show as pending on your account. A pending transaction is a transaction where the money is put aside for the merchant to take but hasn’t been taken yet. The merchant will often take the money after a couple of days, but it can sometimes take up to a few weeks. Most contactless transactions appear on your statement within a few days.

    If you want to question a pending transaction, we can check for you after it shows on your statement page.

    It’s a good idea to keep a track of your transactions to make sure you have enough money in your account to cover them and avoid going overdrawn or over your credit limit. You can keep track of your spending through our Mobile Banking app, or with Internet Banking.

  • Some savings accounts will not permit Faster Payments, others will restrict withdrawals or impose charges (PDF, 459kb). This is because our savings accounts are designed to put money aside and grow balances over time and not for ‘day to day’ payment facilities. You may find a current account better suits your needs if you need to pay bills, make purchases, or send money by Faster Payments.

    If you are still looking to make a payment from your savings account and hold a current account with us, you can transfer funds from your savings account into your bank account and use it to make a payment. You can do this through our Mobile Banking app, or with Internet Banking.

    If you don’t hold a current account with us, then please visit one of our branches. We can provide you with cash, write you a cheque or arrange to send a CHAPs payment, but please note charges may apply.

    If you want to apply for a current account take a look at our range of current accounts


Cards and PIN

  • If your card is due to expire

    We’ll automatically send you a new one in the post. You should receive it around a week before your old one expires.

    If you have ordered a new card

    If you report your card as lost or stolen, or ask for a replacement card, you should receive your new card within 3 - 10 working days.

    View your card and PIN details online

    You can view your card details and PIN in our Mobile Banking app.

    If you have ordered a new debit card, you will be able to view your new card details in our app the next day. If you have ordered a new credit card, you can view your new card details within 5 days.  

    You can also view your PIN at any time in our app. 

    If you haven’t received your card, get in touch

Everyday Offers

  • If you’re registered for Everyday Offers you will receive a Cashback directly in to your account on or before the last working day* of the following month whenever you select and use an offer on your credit or debit card.

    *Working days are Monday to Friday, apart from bank holidays.

    If you’ve activated an offer but haven't received the money, firstly check the terms and conditions by logging on to Internet Banking and selecting the offer in the Everyday Offers section. You can view expired offers by selecting the ‘My offers’ in the ‘Everyday offers’ section. 

    Find out more information in our Everyday Offers frequently asked questions.

Internet Banking

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