Take control of compulsive spending

Do you often find yourself making unplanned purchases? Do you think you might be addicted to shopping or spending? Are you buying things because you want them rather than need them?

If your spending is beginning to worry you and is preventing you from reaching your goals, here are some ideas that might help you get back control of your money.

How to stop spending money

1. Make a budget

Managing your money today could help make things more comfortable tomorrow. Get started by using our budget calculator to understand your income and spending.

Once you have a budget, set yourself a monthly plan and stick to it. Remove the risk of unnecessary spending by changing your contactless limit, blocking notifications from shops and takeaway services and deleting the apps that tempt you.

Small changes can help you control your compulsive spending. Our budgeting tips page has lots of really helpful tools, guides and calculators to start making your budget today.

2. Track your spending

Using our spending insights app can help you become more conscious of your spending. You can find out exactly when and where you’re spending your money, and even use our app notifications to help you understand your habits.

Take control and manage your credit card balance, credit limit and repayments. You can also understand the cost of borrowing, including interest, fees and charges. You can also quickly freeze and unfreeze different types of transactions on your debit or credit cards or contactless.

Be mindful when buying online. We‘ve all signed up for a service or a streaming platform we might not have needed. If you’ve signed up to something you don’t need, you can manage your subscriptions online with us.

3. Understand your borrowing

When we’re spending for comfort or compulsively, our finances are often the last thing on our mind. But it’s never too late to start. If you’ve started to take control of your spending habits, you might need some support to get your debt under control.

We’re here to help with a series of guides and tools, designed to help you reduce the cost of your credit and to help you to manage your bills.

You can also check your credit score for free with no impact on your credit file. This can help boost your understanding of credit, what affects your score and how you could improve it.

4. Start a saving habit

Having a goal can help you fight the urges. Maybe you want to save for a dream holiday or that bathroom you’ve always wanted. We’ve got savings calculators to help set a realistic savings goal, or maybe our savings challenge could help you fight the urges to splurge.

We also have lots of information and guides to help you set up a savings habit that might just replace your spending habit and help you understand how to stop spending money you might regret.

5. Get independent help and support

There are other organisations that offer free and independent support to help you get control of your spending habits.

Get practical debt and savings solutions from StepChange to help get you back on track. We’ve also partnered with PayPlan who offer a personalised action plan for your money, with support available online or over the phone.

If money worries are affecting your mental health, Mental Health and Money Advice are there to offer clear, practical advice and support to help you.

Other support

Money worries

If you are struggling with your finances, or worried about the increased cost of living, you are not alone. We can help.

Support with money worries

Support and financial wellbeing

Learn how we can help as you navigate life events, changes to your health or financial challenges.

Support when you need it

Free independent help and advice

Get support with your finances from free independent organisations or your government.

There's also help and support on a range of benefits and housing options that you may be entitled to.

Free help and advice

Managing your money

Our tips and tools can help you manage your bills, budget, save and feel better about your finances.

Money management

Managing your money

Our tips and tools can help you manage your bills, budget, save and feel better about your finances.

Money management