Set up a regular overpayment

Paying a little extra towards your mortgage each month could save you money in interest payments.

If you've got a Lloyds Bank savings or personal current account, you can set up an overpayment quickly and securely in Internet Banking.

  • Making regular overpayments reduces your balance more quickly and can save you money
  • Choose to spread your overpayment across your whole mortgage, or send it to specific sub-accounts
  • Set it up yourself online in just a few minutes

How to set up a lump sum overpayment

How much could you save?

Log on to Internet Banking and use our Overpayment Calculator to find out how much you might save by setting up a regular overpayment.

Try our Overpayment Calculator


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If you don't bank with us, you can still use our Overpayment Calculator to get a rough idea of how much you might save in interest charges.

Some useful information about overpayments

  • We offer different types of mortgages with different rates. With some of our mortgages, there may be a charge if you repay all or part of your mortgage within a certain period of time. We call these 'Early Repayment Charges' (ERCs).

    Your offer letter gives details of any ERCs that apply to you. If an ERC is payable, we will deduct it from your overpayment.

    If an ERC doesn’t apply, you can overpay as much as you like without being charged, as long as you don't pay off your mortgage in full. You can check which type of mortgage you have within Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app.

    If an ERC applies, at the moment we allow you to overpay up to 10% of the amount you owed at the 1st January within that calendar year, without having to pay the ERC.

    For example, If your mortgage balance was £100,000 on the 1st January, you could overpay up to £10,000 (i.e. 10% of £100,000) that year without being charged any fees.

    If the total amount you overpay during the year goes above 10%, we’ll only charge you an ERC on the amount you overpay above 10%.

    If you would like to know how much your allowance is, fill out our online form or alternatively log on to Internet Banking. We’ll write out to you to confirm the amount within 5 working days.

  • If you have a Lloyds Bank account, you can make a payment to your mortgage simply and securely in Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app.

    If you don't bank with us please see our how to set up a regular overpayment section.

  • You can target your overpayments to specific sub-accounts in Internet Banking or on our Mobile Banking app.

    If you don't ask us to send your overpayment to a specific sub-account, we will split it across your mortgage in the same way as your normal monthly payment.

    Keep in mind that some mortgages have an Early Repayment Charge if you overpay more than 10% of your balance in a calendar year.

    You can check your sub-accounts on our Mobile Banking app, in Internet Banking or on your annual statement. 

How to set up a regular overpayment

By Direct Debit

If you already pay your mortgage by Direct Debit and you've registered for Internet Banking, it's quick and easy to set up your overpayment in Internet Banking or on our mobile app.

You'll need to use a desktop or laptop computer to set up a regular overpayment Direct Debit.

Log on to Internet Banking

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By standing order

Here are all the details you need to set up a standing order:

  • Sort code: 30-00-00
  • Account number: 00353019
  • Account Name: Lloyds Bank plc
  • Reference: 40xxxxxxxxxx00 This is your main mortgage account number. Please add '00' at the end.

Important: To target your overpayment to a sub-account, you'll need to include the sub-account number in your payment reference. For example, to target sub-account 01, use 40xxxxxxxxxx01 as your reference. To target sub-account 02, use 40xxxxxxxxxx02, and so on.